Sensation! Excavations of ancient Rome. Old photo. Colosseum and other facilities.

Photographs taken during archaeological work in the Italian capital in the late nineteenth century also include photographs from the excavation of the main harbor of Ancient Rome and presumably its first colony - Ostia, also at the Villa Nero in Anzio and at Villa Adriana in Tivoli.
The most extensive excavations of the ancient port began in 1938 on the orders of Mussolini and lasted until 1942. For five years, a significant part of the city was dug up and about 600,000 cubic meters of land were recovered.
In some places to get from the level of modern streets to the streets of the Roman periud had to go 12 meters deep.
Villa Adriana - Imperial Villa in Tivoli, from where the Emperor Hadrian ruled the Roman Empire at the end of his life.
Excavations in the Plaza Torre Argentino in 1926 - 28 years and the construction of the avenue Via dei Fori Imperiali in the thirties.
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