Out Of Place Building Fort Jefferson Florida - Tartarian Architecture Mud Flood Reset

Has history been changed, did we have a 'reset' during the 1700-1800s?
Why do buildings all over the world have the same architecture?
Why is the nation of Tartaria excluded from our history when it is shown as a huge country on maps just a few hundred years ago?
Why do we have unexplained structures all over the planet with no viable explanation as to who built them or how?

In this video I talk about Fort Kennedy which is in the ocean 70 miles west of key west, composed of 16 million bricks. The books say it was built in the 1840s and 50s was never completed and only used for a short time before being abandoned.

Many things about Fort Kennedy just don't add up, unless it was built earlier than we are told by people with more advanced technology.
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