Flood Proof City. Free Energy.

In this walkabout rant style video, Flood Proof City, we explore reset topic solutions along with a super cool free energy segment. The free energy topic showcases three free energy devices in Burlington Vermont, Cambodia, and one undisclosed which appears to be in India. I also include footage I took in remote areas in search of signs of ancient civilizations. One such place ,in the beginning of the video, is located on the border of Utah and Colorado. It is what seems to be a massive giant ancient megalithic wall or a giant serpent. It is just south of what is called, split mountain, in the Dinosaur Nation Park.

I also feature some of my nature footage I shot, while exploring with my dog, in this same region. We will see some wild antelope and horses which seem to correlate perfectly with what I’m talking about. Also briefly I will touch on my new glass beach finds in the remote Arctic Northern Regions where there are no cities in sight. At some point we will also view the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum, a real beauty!
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