False Historical Narrative

In this little video, False Historical Narrative, we will explore the possibility that the reset and the next wave of civilizations could have occurred as little as 100 years ago. As a case study we will examine a film and a photograph of San Francisco that depicts the complete buildout followed by a complete wipe out of the entire city. The official story is that these were caused by the great earthquake and the fires. We will also look at old buildings and the ridiculous designations they are given in our false historical narrative. Prepare yourself for a trip to the undiscovered North America of yesterday.
The summer before last I was heading down to Utah to go out into the desert for a couple of weeks, so I did a little online sleuth work and figured out where Jon Levi's coffee shop is or was. It was out of my way but I went there and he made me a quiche, and the young lady at the counter got me some tea. I didn't get to talk to him but he was back there on the grill. He had some historic photos on the wall in the cafe sitting area and a book on a small table to examine. I like to get out and actually see people or things from the internet with my own eyes, not really believing a lot of what I see on the screens. Unfortunately he must have cooked it in canola oil because it choked my throat, as that canola poison does, but I had taken it to go so he never knew.