Exploring Northern Regions

In this little exploration of the Northern regions of America, we will look at seldom seen lands. First part is pure exploration along with a star fort in Hudson Bay. Next part we look at a story about repurposed trains and how it was more profitable to destroy them than to actually use them for what they were meant for.

The truth is I don’t like the first half of this video because after completing it, a great comment was sent in by Heptahootie. He said he had possibly found the site of the city on the island of Lake Conibas. I looked at the coordinates and he seemed to be right. I spent an entire evening pouring over the region.

The result led me to not want to publish this video and remake it completely, with the new found information. Finally I decided to publish it anyway and also make the new one as well. At the very least I think it may be entertaining. Perhaps it will serve you the same purpose it serves me.
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