Comets, Cataclysms, Coincidence. Part 6b: When?

Part 6b to our Comets, Cataclysms, Coincidence series delves into several different theories on past cataclysmic events, when did they really happen? How often? When might the next come? etc.

We also answer the riddle of the Sphinx, show you the real Tower of Babel, discover another sunken continent in the Pacific ocean after the Maunder minimum reset and delve into a comparison of the Hopi Blue and Red Kachina prophecy against modern society.

Warning! Lots of speculation and fear mongering in this video...Parental guidance is suggested and a huge shovel to pick up the snowflakes or BS, you decide. :-)

In Part 6C we'll go into depth as to how these cataclysms actually happen on several different Earth cosmology models, what signs will appear and what level of destruction we might expect and where.
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