Comets Cataclysms Coincidence? Part 2. Plasmaclysms.

Here we comb the comet, plague and natural disaster records from 1597 - 1650 and from 1790 - 1812, which gives evidence and credence to part 1: That the Earth was in so much turmoil and geological upheaval at these exact time periods...it appears to have completely altered the geological landscape of the US, created the great lakes and turned California into an island sometime in the early 1600's. Then a second upheaval period around 1811 occurred, which re-connected California to the mainland, drained an enormous inland lake known as Conibaz on all of the old maps, decimated the entire southwestern United States, possibly triggered a Yellowstone eruption which created the Grand Canyon, Great Salt Lake and wiped out the advanced civilizations that populated those areas...the ones the natives speak of in their oral traditions.
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