Ancient Tunnels and Trippy Timelines

Clarifying Mudflood misunderstandings | Timelines | Stones and bones 🦴 of primitives kept in caves to make temples and tombs, yeah right | Wal-Fart | Cleveland (actually Kansas City) Rocks, lost in Tunnels, Hello Cleveland! We’re in Kansas City? | Holland Tunnel | Transatlantic Tunnel | Cincinnati Subway

BravoZulu pointed out the tunnel in the news vid is not in Cleveland OH, but in Kansas City Missouri. Well, wow, thanks for the correction! It’s noteworthy that almost the exact same thing happened and was found in Cleveland, so similar that the news reporting is interchangeable between the two, and many other Cities. So, the fact I got one similar story mixed up with another means I’m only ALMOST perfect... my mistake ironically bolsters my larger point that this type of thing happens over and over again in almost every city.
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