Patagonian Giants. What was their fate?

Wanted to share some of the contents of a 30 page book pertaining to the Patagonian Giants. The book was written in 1766 by a certain S.T. Essentially this is a 30 page letter written by an unknown person to an unknown friend.

  • Patagonian giants were a race of people, who first began to appear in early European accounts of the then little-known region and coastline of Patagonia. They were supposed to have exceeded at least double normal human height, some accounts giving heights of 12 to 15 feet (3.7 to 4.6 m) or more. Tales of these people would take a hold over European concepts of the region for some 250 years.
  • In 1579, Francis Drake's ship chaplain, Francis Fletcher, wrote about meeting very tall Patagonians, of "7 foote and a halfe".
    In the 1590s, Anthony Knivet claimed he had seen dead bodies 12 feet (3.7 m) long in Patagonia.
    Also in the 1590s, William Adams, an Englishman aboard a Dutch ship rounding Tierra del Fuego, reported a violent encounter between his ship's crew and unnaturally tall natives.
  • In 1766, a rumour leaked out upon their return to the United Kingdom that the crew of HMS Dolphin, captained by Commodore John Byron, had seen a tribe of 9-foot-tall (2.7 m) natives in Patagonia when they passed by there on their circumnavigation of the globe. However, when a newly edited revised account of the voyage came out in 1773, the Patagonians were recorded as being 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) - very tall, but by no means giants.

The book is pretty short, so I'm not going to paraphrase a short story you can read yourself. The questionable existence of the Patagonian Giants in the past is well known. The reason I'm sharing this publication is not the actual Giants, but their possible future at the time. If the author's views and opinions were shared by the 18th century TPTB, the Giants were doomed.



The Giant's Future







The Giants History



KD: Well, those were personal views and opinions of a person who projects an appearance of a government official. Could it be that we ended up annihilating the entire nation of the Patagonian Giants?

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