Kit, or designer houses were sold prior to 1877?

First of all, I do suspect that these houses were pre-manufactured, and arrived on a train. I'm yet to find any concrete proof of this fact though. At the same time, as it plays out, we do have multiple catalogs dated as early as 1877 (the earliest I was able to find), offering hundreds of different house designs.

While it does not look like something special during our time frame, for 1870s this abundance is suspicious. Once again, suspicious in my opinion. I would not be surprised if all this multitude of houses available for purchase, is just an injection, a fake meant to cover certain historical bases. At the same time I would not be surprised if it was the other way around.

What does it say about the society of 1870s?
Bicknell's Stables, Out Buildings, Fences and Miscellaneous Details_19-1.jpg

1877 - Bicknell's stables, out buildings, fences and miscellaneous details. Containing twenty-four plates (136 to 160,) wooden and brick buildings, with details.
  • ... Also, summer houses, sea side cottages ... etc.
1878 - Bicknell's Victorian Buildings: A.J. Bicknell and Company - tons of stuff at this link
Various years -
Mitchells Chronological Listing: Architecture and Design - Reprinted, Used, and Rare