Burghley House: Active Use of Antiquitech?

Burghley House is a grand sixteenth-century English country house near Stamford, Lincolnshire. It is a leading example of the Elizabethan prodigy house, built and still lived in by the Cecil family. The exterior largely retains its Elizabethan appearance, but most of the interiors date from remodellings before 1800. The house is open to the public on a seasonal basis and displays a circuit of grand and richly furnished state apartments. Its park was laid out by Capability Brown.

R: Take a look at the metallic flag antennae system on the top of this building, lit, and unlit, and let me know your thoughts. To me this looks like an ancient lighting system, still in use. I've also attached the trailer for The Golden Bowl", with some active shots where the flags appear independently lit. Is it just a reflection? The light appears clearer, cooler, and more intensely bright than sunlight off metal. Let me know your thoughts.

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