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I decided to give it another go. This time I'm gonna try out a personal blog format. For those who prefer forum discussions, there is a wonderful resource at StolenHistory.NET.
  • If you feel like collecting some of the information from the old SH 1.0 Forum, please use the Archived Version.
  • It will be available for approximately 50 days from the time of this post.
    • There is a little issue with thumbnails there that I did not have time to fix.
    • Thumbs still do open to their respective full size images.
For those wondering why the old forum was closed... there was a violation of my private life, and attempts to personally contact me. The SH forum was created to discuss history, and not to figure out who I was, or what house I lived in. At the moment, there were a few additional things happening in my personal and professional life. Issues overlapped, and the rest you know. Since then, I took a few steps, and hopefully, I can allow myself to manage a somewhat smaller website now.

Currently, I'm planning on running a self-sustaining blog, where I plan on sharing my blasphemous history related phantasies. Some of my older stuff was transferred and is available on here. Those who feel like commenting on the articles, feel free to register. Otherwise, the blog is available for reading with no registration.
  • I plan on posting various history related articles at my own pace.
  • I did not arrange this blog for discussing the old forum.

KD: Please familiarize yourself with Blog Guidelines and Commenting Rules.
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