Book | 1904: The Giants

Unfortunately the book is in French, so it could be (or not) something interesting to look at for our French speaking blog readers.
  • Warning: the book has a few graphic images with a some weewees out in the open
  • The book is medical, so expect the related stuff
  • This is a 1904 publication. Sounds like there were plenty of them giants prior, but conditions changed...
  • Link: 1904 Études biologiques sur les géants
American Giant vs Normal Adult



Allegedly under 8 feet. Right?

Cornelius Magrath
There is a text link there:
And hopefully this is in English after its been run through the Google machine, I can't tell because my browser autotranslates:
There's some interesting language right off the bat, I wish my French skills weren't also headache inducing, but this translation seems about right (and pretty intriguing):
L'anthropologie — qui est une science, quoi qu'on en ait dit
— s'est trompée lorsqu'elle a voulu s'approprier l'étude des
géants. Du fait qu'ils sortent du commun, c'est-à-dire qu'ils
sont monstrueux, ils ne relèvent pas de l'histoire naturelle de

(translated) Anthropology - which is a science, whatever may have been said about it - was wrong when she wanted to appropriate the study of giants. Because they are out of the ordinary, that is to say that they are monstrous, they are not part of the natural history of man.
Actually though, reading on, it's really trying and debunk the notion of Giants as a people, but as a disease, like dwarfism. And implying a correlation between gigantism and infantilism. See, these "people" are not glorious mythical demigods, most of 'em are actually stupid!


Wasn’t sure where to post this but this car, supposedly was built by Bugatti, looks like he couldn’t reach the pedals or see over the dashboard!
What the heck is the centipede looking thing wrapped around the giant?

Edit: guess it’s supposed to be a snake. Okay. Also claims to be an art exhibit:
Two large-scale installations by Taiwan creators featuring the skeletons of a giant and a snake and a long tail boat are among the key attractions at the inaugural Thailand Biennale in Krabi, according to the Ministry of Culture Nov. 5.

Thai organizers chose “Giant Ruins” by Tu Wei-cheng and artist collective LuxuryLogico’s “Voyage in Time” to remain on permanent display after the event closes next year, showing stronger links between the two nations, the MOC said. The collaboration between the two ministries of culture reflect government efforts to deepen ties with the New Southbound Policy target country.
What the heck is the centipede looking thing wrapped around the giant?
You ever see a show called Stargate...
Looks like it was constricted by a big snake at the time of death for both, very strange and as I said I have no way of verifying this in any way.
You ever see a show called Stargate...
Heh, some episodes but had to look up what you’re talking about.

The whole thing is creepy. I guess that is what a snake skeleton looks like, I honestly had never really thought about it.


Obviously connection to DNA here. Wonder what our artist was trying to convey...

Looking briefly, this is apparently his niche:

Among the many fables told by Taiwan-born science fiction writer Chang Shi-Kuo is one about a battle between a giant beast named “Past” and a giant man named “Future”. Although the man ultimately vanquished his foe, he found himself devolving slowly but surely into the beast that he had subdued as he watched another giant man striding toward him from the sea. Chang’s fable is a metaphor for the incessant progression of technology, where every “latest-and-greatest” new development is fated to obsolescence and to being trounced in competition with some future rival.

Taking its cue from Chang’s ‘beast vs. giant’ fable, this installation creates an ‘archeological site’ on the lawn in front of C-LAB’s Dormitory A Building that features the ‘bones’ of a 5m-tall giant man and 7m-tall giant beast ‘frozen in time’ at the moment they both struck mortal blows and died locked in a final death grip. The presentation suggests the future of mankind may well be to return to the sea to live as giants below the waves.
What the heck is the centipede looking thing wrapped around the giant?

Edit: guess it’s supposed to be a snake. Okay. Also claims to be an art exhibit:

What I find odd is if it is just an art exhibition, why not use normal size skeletons? and one of the thigh bones is a diff color all together. Seems like a coverup story.

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