Book | 1904: The Giants

Unfortunately the book is in French, so it could be (or not) something interesting to look at for our French speaking blog readers.
  • Warning: the book has a few graphic images with a some weewees out in the open
  • The book is medical, so expect the related stuff
  • This is a 1904 publication. Sounds like there were plenty of them giants prior, but conditions changed...
  • Link: 1904 Études biologiques sur les géants
American Giant vs Normal Adult



Allegedly under 8 feet. Right?

Cornelius Magrath


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Feb 4, 2021
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There is a text link there:
And hopefully this is in English after its been run through the Google machine, I can't tell because my browser autotranslates:
There's some interesting language right off the bat, I wish my French skills weren't also headache inducing, but this translation seems about right (and pretty intriguing):
L'anthropologie — qui est une science, quoi qu'on en ait dit
— s'est trompée lorsqu'elle a voulu s'approprier l'étude des
géants. Du fait qu'ils sortent du commun, c'est-à-dire qu'ils
sont monstrueux, ils ne relèvent pas de l'histoire naturelle de

(translated) Anthropology - which is a science, whatever may have been said about it - was wrong when she wanted to appropriate the study of giants. Because they are out of the ordinary, that is to say that they are monstrous, they are not part of the natural history of man.
Actually though, reading on, it's really trying and debunk the notion of Giants as a people, but as a disease, like dwarfism. And implying a correlation between gigantism and infantilism. See, these "people" are not glorious mythical demigods, most of 'em are actually stupid!
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