1899 statue of Leif Erikson

This photograph was allegedly made in 1899. The statue itself was made in 1897. Well, may be it was, may be it was not.

Does he look like a viking to you? This "norseman" is prone to freezing his family jewels off. And... I could swear to God I’ve seen those two breast plates somewhere before.

Leif Erikson statue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Viking or Scythe?
Well, this is definitely not where I've seen those breast plates, but the below "scythe-seythe warrior" image I ran into, definitely raises some brows. The source of this image is the 1st edition of the Costumes Trade Cards issued by the Guerin-Boutron Chocolate Factory.
  • A Scythian warrior armed for battle with armour on his chest and a heavy sword at his belt.
  • I am not sure why it's translated as "SEYTHE" but as you can see, Google Translate did the exact same thing.
  • Chocolat Guerin-Boutron Trade Card Series 1 No 9.
It is my understanding, that the 1st edition of "Les Costumes" trading cards came out some time in the 1890s. Sadly, the only source of the dating information I was able to find was eBay. There are quite a few of the 1st edition Costume series cards, and all of them are dated with 1890.


Interesting Details
This is a police belt with belt keepers and a portable radio holder. Only the holder is upside down. The statue was allegedly made in 1897. It's either somebody is sending us a message, or the so-called Vikings (or Scythians) had portable radios.




KD: So... Vikings or Scythians landed in America in A. D. 1000, or... what if there was no "discovery"?