1891 Colorado Mineral Palace


The Colorado Mineral Palace opened on July 4, 1891. It was an ambitious project funded by a variety of investors from across the state, was considered a marvel of its time, but also suffered from both financial and structural failings. It was razed in 1943.

  • There is a lack of trustworthy documentation on the details of Mineral Palace. Various documentation states that it was anywhere from 134 feet by 244 feet to 182 feet by 352 feet and 110 feet tall. Whatever the exact dimensions, the building was intended to be an opulent tourist attraction that housed mineral collections, exhibits applauding Colorado’s mineral riches, and an assortment of events and celebrations.
  • Shortly after it’s opening Mineral Palace experienced a chaotic existence in which it often changed ownership and regularly closed its doors to the public. By the 1920s it had already fallen into disrepair and was only occasionally a working part of the community. Despite a WPA refurbishing effort in 1938, the building was demolished after standing for only 52 years.
  • Colorado Mineral Palace
  • This was once a palace of minerals
  • History of Mineral Palace Park


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