1880 PhotoPhone and 1899 Wireless TelePhone

Well, this here is another one of those things my school failed to inform me about. At the same time, it appears that they could have a wireless conversation at a distance of at least 321 miles in 1902. A phone call from Miami, USA to Havana, Cuba in 1902? Easy.


No satellites, no problem. Two ground level stations will defy the curvature of the earth and deliver the signal.




I guess a certain photophone, which I never heard about, was considered by Bell to be his greatest invention. Fiber optics, huh?
  • On June 3, 1880, Bell's assistant transmitted a wireless voice telephone message from the roof of the Franklin School to the window of Bell's laboratory, some 213 meters (about 700 ft.) away.
  • Bell believed the photophone was his most important invention.
  • The photophone was a precursor to the fiber-optic communication systems that achieved worldwide popular usage starting in the 1980s.
  • Photophone - Wikipedia
PhotoPhone Transmitter

PhotoPhone Receiver

KD: Figured this could be interesting for some. I believe knowing little things like this is important in our research.
I think that this is a pre-existing tech, and they were in the process of introducing and making it work.