1868: Satchel Cameras for Landscape Photography

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we were told that "satchel" cameras were all over the place in 1868. Apparently, in 1868, they had a strong demand for "small photographic cameras for tourists".
  • ...but Messrs, Negretti and Zamabra have just began constructing pocket cameras, which, at present, sell as fast as they are made and we hear of two or three additional firms about to follow the example.
  • 1868 Source

I was unable to find any depictions of the above-mentioned 1868 pocket cameras. Below you can see two pages from the Negretti & Zambra's 1885 Catalogue.
  • Title: Negretti & Zambra's Encyclopaedic Illustrated and Descriptive Reference Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, Philosophical, Photographic and Standard Meteorological Instruments
Negretti and Zambra Catalogue 1885_0501-2.jpg

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