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For a better look at older (and it looks like gilded / gold pages) books -

They may have a secret in them: At least I found this link interesting ...

Screenshot_2021-04-07 Rasza(1).jpg Screenshot_2021-04-07 Rasza.jpg
Any links to books that would give me a clue about what happened in SE China/Taiwan in 1640s or so - the emergence of the Qing? @Mabzynn once posted links from a book and reading it, I learned more about what really went on than in decades of "copy and paste" historical reading. I really should open up to this area more seriously. I've avoided it since I left the academy ten years ago.
These were a few interesting days at work. That's what happens when the infrastructure is not really built to handle some occasional snow.
A very good idea to show good quality images, with their proper information and well classified. Without a doubt this idea is correct KD thanks!
Brgs from one of the east European countries :) Thanks for having you back. Loved SH1, not that much SH2 (too paranoid), SHb seems the right way to keep things focused. Keep up KD!
Welcome to SHb, lol. I'm just trying to maintain a specific range of topics.