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I recently stumbled upon the Glastonbury Zodiac. Interesting in the very least, fascinating at best. After a site search only yielded two results (one re: the Glastonbury Tor, and another just mentioning Glastonbury in general), I wonder if you might have a look and consider opening a thread.
I will remember this hurricane Ian for a long time :cool:.
M Realm
M Realm
Good to hear you endured the storm! I was a bit worried about you knowing you had relocated to that area. Have you had a chance to do any investigating of the Rotonda, or Cape Coral? I presented some videos on the old forum in a few threads about the subject, concerning both. I hope things are working out there for you. All the best!
Hey, I found this weird Japanese book about American History that, according to third hand sources, has quite a whimsical concept of the USA founders, but maybe no more so than the official history. Anybody able to translate Japanes?
Have you heard of the Great Flood in 1862 in the US? It was the largest flood in the recorded history of Oregon, Nevada, and California. The flooding lasted months. This is thought to be a cyclical event and it would be interesting to know what you can find, cause some say it may happen very soon.
Loving your work on Tartaria!! Would you be willing to talk on my podcast?
Thank you for your kind words. As far as podcasts go, this is not something I'm interested in at the moment.
KD - sorry if this q is overasked, but how do you view the site? I was attracted to it only because this was down at one point, and while the name is similar the volume of undisciplined posting is of concern. Really appreciate what has been built and I'm not able to discern if the alt site is fully legit, thanks.
I do not really follow, therefore am unable to comment on "undisciplined posting", or on the way it is being run. As I came to find out, any forum format is prone to drifting away from the intended topic. Keeping things as intended is a paramount task, and requires a certain amount of time, backbone and creativity. I think it's great that exists, because it continues to build awareness.
KD, since I can't write any posts, I was wondering how can I send you some interesting info (5 Pages) on which I'd love your input and even more if you made a more detailed post with your amazing research :D. Do I post it here? Or I send it to some email? Or what?
Hello. You can send it to thestolenhistory (at)
KD, do you have the thread/post that was your current "possibly entire explanation" kinda post, with Skylab in the title? It went over everything and was a good way to find your other posts in a tidy, organized manner. It was a great post btw I hope you didnt take it down! Am I just bad at searching this site? Hope all is well! Its cold as shit here in WA so hopefully youre staying healthy and warm! -Jess
Will be back in about a month. Currently ended up with a bit more than I can handle. Getting multiple issues addressed.
Hi Llend,

Thanks for your comments in the 'Our Timeline...' and 'Napoleonic Wars...' threads. In particular, your comments in 'Our Timeline...' have helped frame some of the evidence encountered while researching Stolen's IHASFEMR thread.

passed the doctors estimated timeframe for death caused by bone cancer LOL. PSA down to 3.87 from 174.40 over two years., Thank you special friend in Oklahoma.

KD are you comfortable enough to pass on an update relating to moving to Florida ?
Good Day,

Back in 2018 I think, was researching languages of Australia. Some of the aborigine's languages were found to be strongly related to Hungarian. A Hungarian linguist, archaeology professor lived with the tribes about four years as I recall.

Thought you might find interesting.
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What I find interesting is the name aboriginal. Ab is counterindicative in both Greek and Latin… abnormal, abstract, absent, absolute, etc. why does the prefix of ab always mean “away or apart from” whichever subject follows it? Except for aboriginal, which somehow means the same as original.

Are they not in fact the original australoids?
Hello, new here, identifying less comprehensible historiography is extraordinarily difficult and limited by Brandolini's law. Therefore, it is all the more admirable to dedicate oneself to this task.

Thanks to the contributors and the admins. I know how much work it is to present content in an appealing way, documented with sources and free of personal opinions - something I value.

Good work, thanks, keep it up.
My wife of 44 years, her father was taken to the hospital in Mo., where they live, a week ago with flue like symptoms and they will not let my wife see her own father without the shot. After much consternation she got the Pfizer one, when she told me her decision I cried. May the angles watch over us because we are in the valley of death.
Sounds like 10/19/2021 is gonna be the day when I get fired from the job I dedicated 15 years of my life to. I will not be Governor Inslee's lab rat. Not getting vaccinated with these experimental drugs.
Both of my parents are hospitalized with some serious COVID labeled pneumonia. Last few days were a psychological hell. Not sure which way it's gonna go. There will be much less activity from me, but I'm monitoring when I can.
Hi Korben. My name is David, and Im a Hungarian artist. I have just read your post about our timeline and the apocalypse event. Is there a way to talk to you somehow? I can prove your apocalypse theory and that the jesus event always results in a cataclysmic event. And many more.. Please get back to me. Many thanks for your post.
Glad to see you on here, old friend.
Hello! Took me a little while to make my way back. Good to see you writing so much, looking forward to reading further & reaquainting myself with your ideas new and old 👍
Certainly hope you stick around. I love your opinions. For myself, I'm still trying to figure out how they could pull it off. :cool:
I must be a dum dum- I know I posted on the old forum but I can't figure out how to do it here. It tells me I don't have the priviliges?
To be clear- I can comment on someone else's but how can I start a new blog?