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Anybody familiar with mono atomic gold and the bread made out of it that is supposedly for the “light body”... I stumbled across info that places Moses as Tutmoses and correlated to the exodus and mount Sinai... An archeologist found an Egyptian temple on top of one of the mountains in the Sinai range with mono atomic gold powder and pyramid shaped bread... There are hieroglyphs of pharoahs eating this as well as acquiring supernatural abilities and actually glowing... There is new science uncovered about the substance which is made from gold in an alchemical process using fankensense and mur as well as several other biblically highlighted materials... Interestingly it can be eaten as a bread which might explain why money is called bread? Anyway in exodus when Moses leaves the mountain to see the ppl worshipping the calf he some how turns the gold calf into bread and fed it to the Isrealites...
Finally someone calling this out on Youtube:

Hey man i see you love this place cos ya always here but you don't see to say much . Why is that if im not being rude ?
Oh, because I don't really have much to say to be honest. Even though I do have a lot of things in my head, it's hard to find sources and prove them like how everyone is doing in the threads.
Just got a copy of the "Book of Miracles." Great book, with incredible art and interesting stories.