What Is Your Timeline Of World Events?


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Exact same scenario with me and my family. I can go back to early 1500's and have even read the 1585 account of my 14th great grandfather's death in Cartagena, Bolivia at the hands of Spaniards, whose ship he had just boarded, uninvited, he sailed with Francis Drake and captained two of his ships on different voyages.
And another line of our family back to 1635 and there are a lot of records of him and his family, right directly up to now, We know alot about our family, a relative wrote a book in 1891. And I have done a ton of research too.
I've seen pictures of graves of ancestors going back to the 1700.

So anyway, I haven't seen anything of particular interest in any records I have seen. We had some orphans in the family, but we know who their parents were.

And yet I think something is wrong with history but things could have been going on in the world and the general populace was oblivious to the big picture, whatever was happening. And after a generation, nobody remembered anomalies, as somebody pointed out, any major event such as JFK or 911 , whoever controls the narrative will have it written that whatever it is, is so, a true fact, and that will be that, in 100 years, there won't be anything to question. Life goes on.
That is the part I don't understand, either. My family kept records. We arrived in America in the early 1600s. I had relatives fight in the American Revolution and the Civil War as well as any subsequent major war. Years later, I did my own research online and the records matched what they had written down pre-internet and I was able to trace back even further than that.

I have been reading a lot of old newspapers and haven't really noticed anything to suggest life was different from what we know today.
That's why I view things a little differently and still respect the history I have known my whole life. I'm not sure if the internet age has drastically altered our perceptions and now people are applying this new perception while viewing the past. I'm not sure if viewing the past actually alters it, but I'm actually more inclined along those lines.

I just can't shake the feeling that we are being directed to rewrite the past ourselves so they don't have to. Or to voluntarily surrender our identities while others already have, never had them in the first place, or will follow suit like they always do. I don't know. There is a perfect storm happening for all of that to be coincidence, in my opinion. It feels like a controlled demolition of the script.

I doubt that the actual history/life of regular people is too dramatically different from what we know, or from what my family memoirs tell, but there are endless anomalies and stories that don't add up as far as the official narrative goes. The issue I have always taken is how are people tied to the history that is given? I have been screaming to the future all my life, "Not all of us believed this!!!". But that is futile. We're all tied to the timeline we're presented.

My personal timeline would probably not deviate too much from the official version. I think they operated the same manner as today. An event happens. We are told how it happened. What they told us was a lie but the event still took place (at least the spectacle). Then the story is continually edited. As far as possible cataclysms or things covered up, there are surely countless things we don't know but I would think that the majority of landscape altering disasters, either natural or unnatural, didn't happen everywhere at once. Probably in small sections or regions like molding clay into something else.


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Thank you for astute observation and the very intelligent words of caution.

With all theories and speculations being (for me at least) welcome, valuable and necessary, I think we have to "ground" ourselves with things that CAN be ascertained on an individual level, which is beyond manipulation intellectual and political elites, for example the more or less well-documented family histories such as yours and mine.

I further concur: As for the big events, like wars and events of societal change, catastrophe etc. I agree we only have the reasons, causes, explanations and narratives given or handed down to us lowly commoners by the authorities - it is the same today as it was in our grandparents days and before. But grounding ourselves is vital, so as not to be carried away in ever more fantastic flights of fancy which at the very least are counterproductive diversions.

The internet has developed a dynamic of it's own indeed, and I watched with dismay how for example the recent "mud flood" craze within the "alternative" youtube scene: Many new channels springing up out of nowhere like mushrooms, or old channels which had previously dealt with entirely different subjects jumping on the bandwagon just like that, often (NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL!) producing lots and lots of low quality, hastily done, rehashed, ripped off, poorly researched and/or purely sensationalist content that only serves to clutter up the mess we already have in officially accepted "history" and the realm of alternative theories. Muddying the waters. This can and will confuse and mislead new aspirants wishing to dive into critically researching history, or even discredit to a degree any serious study of the subject.

I am torn between whether I should personally file the internet as as a whole under "Blessing" or under "Curse". Not the only one here I guess...