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New member
I saw them on and around Frenchman St.
I frequent Frenchman on the weekends for the live music scene. Great live music, amazing street performers but plenty of hustlers, vagabonds and squatters on the street who will tell you anything but that doesn’t mean they tell the truth. I’ll keep an eye out for this Dickensian crowd but I haven’t seen them in my 8 years in this city. Would love to see what they are like!


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Hi, long time lurker, first time poster.

What brought you to this website, and what keeps you here? I found this forum from a post in r/culturallayer, stayed because there's a lot of interesting discussion.

How you ended up here (i.e. Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc)? Reddit

What your major interests are as they relate to the spirit of this forum? My major interests are sci/tech through the modern age, local history, "edgy" discoveries, tbh the occult, and comparative religion.

What your favorite threads are, and why? So far, I'd have to say any about Tartary; until I found this forum had no idea that such a thing existed. The old tech / patent wave of ~1880 has always been a hook. Joined because of the recent posts about MN, and thought that I could at least be a local asset.

What your recommendations for new forum members are? Lurk more. Learn the culture of the board before you post. Keep an open mind and do not jump to conclusions; the "truth" is the goal, not cherry picking to support your personal world view.

Anything else relevant you wish to share? Like I mentioned earlier, I was born and raised in MN. My current hometown is one of the oldest west of the Mississippi. I have watched centuries old buildings be bulldozed to the ground and lamented over the idea that no one will remember it existed in just a few years.


This thread was recommended by our forum members. Essentially, its intent is to assist future members with understanding what this forum is about, as well as to provide a place where we all could share a few things like:
  • what brought you to this website, and what keeps you here
  • how you ended up here (i.e. Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • what your major interests are as they relate to the spirit of this forum
  • what your favorite threads are, and why
  • what your recommendations for new forum members are
  • anything else relevant you wish to share
Will start with myself. I was not satisfied with available web resources as they pertain to the topic of the altered history. Primarily this dissatisfaction was caused by the impossibility to keep everything structured, and in one place, as well as by inability to talk about things without having to debate conventional dogmatic world view first. As a result this forum was created with a hope, that there could be a few people who share my observations.

Some of my favorite existing threads:
A few recommendations for new and future forum members. They somewhat mirror Posting Guidelines.
  • Take your time to familiarize yourself with already existing content.
  • Please keep in mind, that all of the current members have been to Wikipedia (school), and are familiar with the official versions of the events.
  • Be polite, and respectful. We all can sense when things go in the wrong direction. Diffuse the situation instead of provoking your fellow debater.
  • Do not “derail” threads. If what you are about to post into a thread has nothing to do with it, but is considered important by you, please start a new thread to discuss what you have to share.
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    • please select a proper subforum matching the topic of your thread. If none matches - use General Subforum.
    • please give your thread a meaningful title, and not just one word saying nothing about your thread.
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I was just about to say it would would be great to know what brought every one here only to realize I never filled this out.

  • what brought you to this website, and what keeps you here
Tartary brought me here via "new earth" youtube channel and before that learning about Tesla and ancient ruins and noticing a clear gap between what is being discussed and what you can clearly see to be true.
  • how you ended up here (i.e. Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
New Earth Youtube
  • what your major interests are as they relate to the spirit of this forum
Finding out the truth behind the conspiracy, much like health condition that worsen over time its one thing that builds up overtime until your not even aloud to talk about it especially when the truth is staring at you in the face and it always has been.
  • what your favorite threads are, and why
Originally it was the old maps and things related to Tartary, now its technology and theology.
  • what your recommendations for new forum members are
Have an open mind, if at first it doesn't seem like what your reading is true or can't be true... Eventually you will come back to it and most like come full circle. This is obviously a bigger deception than any one of us can imagine.
  • anything else relevant you wish to share
When I was growing up I learned alot about bad people. It seemed like being lying and deceitful and criminal was the only way to go about things since it is so prevalent... Than after I went to college and moved around my perspective changed because of meeting generally good people with good intentions (hard to come by). But I have always been attracted to people like myself deep down, who lie to themselves about who they really are or refuse to see the path that they travel down isn't one that ends well. Ive been reflecting alot lately especially with the research I've done over the past year, literally locking myself in my room and making connection to various things that seem to be not related at all. Its all related. Evil creates evil... Lately I have been reflecting on various scripture and although coded I believe the message has always been accurate. I believe that part of how the deception works is that they aren't allowed to completely hide the truth. It involves thinking not necessarily with your mind but with your heart, and if your heart is telling you it doesn't buy that bullshit you better listen.

Ruby Rhod

Active member
Samson4prez, I really like what you have written. "Listen to your heart" is terminology I used to find abhorrent until I rebranded the idea "listen to your blood"—is it not the same thing? But it is your blood-memory, your ancestral link: Fearful memories haunt mouse descendants — Genetic imprint from traumatic experiences carries through at least two generations.

I understand the ancient Roman religion now, and why they kept the hearthfire burning—or the Olympian torch if you prefer; it is because your anscestors live on through your blood, and blood must be tended just as the flame.

You said you are interested in the technology and theology of Tartary...yes, me too. Good to have you.


New member
Hi all,

New member, it's not always easy to find open minded but sensible conversation about this stuff online. Stumbled upon this site a few days ago (I think Voat sent me here) and been reading as much here as I can, seems a lot fits with my ideas, and I've also picked up plenty of new information and rabbitholes to explore

I guess my interest in the weird and wonderful started in the 80s when I discovered Fortean Times, and the approach I take broadly follows the philosophy of Charles Fort (it's a shame the Fortean Times and their message board is now massively skeptical with lots of areas they won't even touch)

Areas that particulary interest me are :

Prehistory - Initially coming at that from local megalithic construction (I'm in the UK and we have plenty of interesting stuff here) I think it was the complete mystery of these sites, with academia clearly just trotting out the same tired explanations for everything. With the advent of the internet it became clear something big was happening worldwide in the past. I've got a few ideas about this which I'm sure I'll share in the future.

Science - Having worked in science until my mid 30s, I soon realised that scientism is it's own kind of religion, with so many in the field unwilling or unable to look past the consensus and to look at data with an open mind. I've had a long time interest in Tesla, and slowly started to get a handle on what he was really all about. That led me to Electric Universe ideas, which seem to explain so much so simply. I never really gelled with the century of materiastic nihilism and abstract theorising in science that Einstein ushered in.

Secret Societies/Occult/Religion - All tied together and all far more important than most people give them credit for

Some of the areas covered here I'm only starting to scratch the surface of but certainly seem worth exploring - Tartary, alternative timelines, Mudflood etc certainly there is something going on there

I look forward to contributing and learning here where I can