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This thread was recommended by our forum members. Essentially, its intent is to assist future members with understanding what this forum is about, as well as to provide a place where we all could share a few things like:
  • what brought you to this website, and what keeps you here
  • how you ended up here (i.e. Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • what your major interests are as they relate to the spirit of this forum
  • what your favorite threads are, and why
  • what your recommendations for new forum members are
  • anything else relevant you wish to share
Will start with myself. I was not satisfied with available web resources as they pertain to the topic of the altered history. Primarily this dissatisfaction was caused by the impossibility to keep everything structured, and in one place, as well as by inability to talk about things without having to debate conventional dogmatic world view first. As a result this forum was created with a hope, that there could be a few people who share my observations.

Some of my favorite existing threads:
A few recommendations for new and future forum members. They somewhat mirror Posting Guidelines.
  • Take your time to familiarize yourself with already existing content.
  • Please keep in mind, that all of the current members have been to Wikipedia (school), and are familiar with the official versions of the events.
  • Be polite, and respectful. We all can sense when things go in the wrong direction. Diffuse the situation instead of provoking your fellow debater.
  • Do not “derail” threads. If what you are about to post into a thread has nothing to do with it, but is considered important by you, please start a new thread to discuss what you have to share.
  • If you chose to start a new thread,
    • please select a proper subforum matching the topic of your thread. If none matches - use General Subforum.
    • please give your thread a meaningful title, and not just one word saying nothing about your thread.
    • provide a topic for discussion. Don't just post a link to some source, or to a video. Please add alongside a few words explaining the message, or question you are trying to deliver.
  • Please select an avatar for yourself. While this is obviously not a requirement, a little image next to your post does serve as some kind of personification, if I may put it this way.
This thread was recommended by: @Magnus, @ISeenItFirst

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P.S. The OP (original post) is not final, and can be updated.


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I came here after finding a link to this site on retconned on reddit (Mandela Effect board.) I am fascinated by the different history threads here, they are very convincing, and I've never heard anything like this before.

Ice Nine

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I'm still pretty new here, about 2 weeks old, my how time flies.

I was drawn into this forum because I was looking at mud flood stuff and that church in Omaha picture showed up and I followed it here by way of google.

But what's kept me here is the members, first forum I've been on that is not full of jack wagons who have to poo poo any and all ideas and whose sole purpose is to irritate people and stir the pot. We all seem to be here for the united goal of trying to figure out what the heck has been going on and why.
I tend to have my mind wander off in a thread because one idea makes me think of something else, but I'm trying my best to keep myself in check. I'm old and my mind does like to wander off by itself at times. See, there it goes now.

My world view is "something's not right" and we, or some version of ourselves, have been here a very long long long long long time. And I completely agree that something has been going on quite recently, some stuff just doesn't add up or make sense. Only some. LOL My main passion is megalithic ruins, but all of this messing with the timelines has really got my mind going off in lots of other directions now.

Thanks a lot, as if I don't already have enough things to figure out.


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  • what brought you to this website, and what keeps you here
    Unabashed truthseeker!

  • how you ended up here (i.e. Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
    That's what brings me anywhere, i found this linked on reddit discussing megalithic structures. I typically prefer chat groups for information sharing, it's more convenient and personal, but sometimes you need the structure of a forum.

  • what your major interests are as they relate to the spirit of this forum
    Megalithic construction, hidden/occult history. As broad as the subject of 'occult' is, that's where my interests are.

  • what your favorite threads are, and why
    Who's in the sarcophagi? Are those Swedish Kings?
    The list of the destroyed Expositions, and Exhibitions
    Double-headed eagle: its meaning and origins
    While searching for answers to mysteries, sometimes we find things left behind. I think the architecture conspiracy is a big one, since it is easier to brainwash a generation of people, but destroying buildings takes more effort. Clues to the truth lie in the buildings around us.

  • what your recommendations for new forum members are
    Read every thread, start investigating yourself and keep an open mind.

  • anything else relevant you wish to share
    I no longer care if humanity started out as a slave species, i want the truth.
    I don't care if old powers are still lurking beneath the veil, i want the truth.
    It doesn't matter that 8 billion people don't want to know the truth, I want the truth.

  • my world view is...
    We're definitely living in the best and most exciting time in history. Our enemies have had hundreds/thousands of years to conquer and enslave us, but they're still so far behind. It is in their nature to lose, they were born losers, and will pass from history as losers.


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Since 2010 I have been reexamining my beliefs and knowledge. I have many interests and have been a research engineer, an artist using high voltage electricity, a contractor, sculptor, etc. Last year after spending 2 years in South America I discovered Fomenko and read all I could online. About 4 months ago I discovered various youtube channels that challenged current timelines and understandings and it has opened new directions of inquiry based on Russian researchers. I have made my own discoveries and hypothesis concerning comets, magnetism, electricity, history and art. One thing I noticed about researchers is that they were lacking knowledge to formulate scientific understandings. For instance I made a hypothesis that comets were purely energetic magneto-electric bodies with some plasma but no bodies as shown by NASA and that sand and sulfurous compounds is produced by extremely high voltage discharges by transmuting nitrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere.


Active member
All my life I have been encountering discrepancies between what I would observe in the world compared to the mainstream explanations. Off an on I have delved into the world of alternative theories and over the past year or so that research has increased in frequency. I believe I found this site through a link on Wild Heretic's site in the mud flood/ancient map thread and have been absolutely fascinated with the articles that have been posted here and the amazing research that you all are doing.

I'd say I'm most interested in the topics about Tartary and other hidden civilizations, the mud floods/cataclysms, space, and geography. That said, most other topics that are being brought up pique my interest as well.


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Followed a link from ATS. I think I was born awake and aware. Raised Catholic until I reached the age of reason I had no qualms about arguing with the religious hierarchy. We had a visiting bishop that the nuns were ecstatic over. I asked him 3 questions (before getting run off by the nuns) which he had no satisfactory answer for. I was 9 and already saw through Catholicism.

About a year later in school we were shown maps during our geography lessons. I asked when the world "fell apart". It was obvious that all those separate pieces had to have fit together at one time. Teacher was a little surprised and told me that there was some new theory about the land masses having been joined into a single Pangea at one time. New theory? I was a child and I could see it! It was as plain as day.

Where I really began to be a trouble maker was in history class. I was genuinely confused because I couldn't understand any of it. Surely they wouldn't deliberately lie to us all? Then I had this heretical thought that maybe they just don't know. History, as taught in school never made a lick of sense to me. Are you telling us (I asked one day) that people in large numbers killed each other for cinnamon? Really?

Egyptology piqued my interest when I turned 18 so I began to read up on it. The more I read, the more I wondered why they kept insisting that the pyramids were tombs. And do they really think we're stupid enough to believe these monumental structures were carved with copper chisels and dragged to site on logs? You drop a 22 ton chunk of brick on a pile of logs and you're going to immediately crush a pile of logs. There'll be no dragging it anywhere. They live in a desert. Where did they get the logs? Sooooooo much about Egyptology was obviously misinformation that I had to uncover the truth and the reason for the misinformation.

Dinosaurs was another topic that seemed unrealistic to me. You found ONE bone and now you know everything about an extinct creature that lived 65 million years ago? Sure ya do. If you've got that kind of deductive skills from seeing just one bone then you should go work for the forensic department solving old crime scenes.

Cryptozoology was a fringe topic that kept popping up in my studies of other subjects. Usually as an aside to the telling of the more germane part of the story. I was seriously ridiculed for saying that there seemed to be enough circumstantial evidence and eyewitness accounts (dating back as far as recorded history) of creatures we now call Bigfoot. I've never seen one but I've never seen an electron either yet I'm fairly sure they exist.

I'm grateful to KD for offering a safe place to discuss all these topics openly and fearlessly with an aim towards discovery and uncovering of mysteries. It's been a long journey and it's nice to have the company of fellow truth-seeking travelers.
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I have lived a life time trying to make sense out of this world. I came across this website while searching for alternative history on Russia. Topics are clearly stated with verifiable links offering new ideas. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to express bits of observations before my time is up. Spanish/Basque person raised in the SW with cowboys and Indians and superstitions pass down thru family. First day of seventh grade my history teacher told me there is another history I cannot teach you. You will have to search it out your self. But I will tell you the next war will be for water. First day of college my history teacher said name the largest corporations in the world. Students said At&t, IBM, etc. He said no, the first is the United States of America and the second is Soviet Union. So that is where I am coming from and still searching.


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You're lucky to have had such forthcoming teachers. I had a teacher that told us Oklahoma won the Civil War. LOL. Wasn't until I was much older that I learned that Oklahoma wasn't even a state during that time and the Indian Territories (as it was known then) wasn't involved in the Civil War at all.

The Wack

Active member
I feel as though I know walk through life with...
one foot in the 'Egytian Book of the Dead'(www.web)...
one foot in the Aboriginal 'Dreamtime'(Walkabout of the Mind)...
and one foot (walking stick) grounded in this realm...

I found Great Pyramids capstone in QLD, AU.

Beyond the Vanishing Point and Outside the box of human perspective... is my true home... I am tired. I can see Light everywhere, even on the darkest night, hell, even between my eyes and hands and with my eyes closed.

Look at the clear blue sky until you see yellow/pink (like old tv snow/static) LIGHT, it is everywhere and it is the Light of Creation that Animates this Realm.

Globe/sphere OR flat/disc....?


Don't trade one maze/trap for another... understand the nature of the Vanishing Point. Blacken a map and only reveal where you have personally been and seen. Everything was there, in the right place because?


My world is flatish and circular, it begins at the Ring of the horizon that surrounds me... everything elses is just a theory someone else has pushed on me, and at the centre of that circular horizon... I stand, the sum total of all my thoughts.

Thats enough crazy, right. Have a great day, Beau-The Wack

PS: don't bother trying, they sent me to the Nuthouse 3 weeks ago, but threw me out within a week. It was not my job to help the people in there they said, but I DID. I put a smile on every face in there and taught some of them how to 'wear' their happiness.
Fun fact, 3 years on daily Targin 40/20 and 4 Endone (smashed my legs up good) and a smoker all my life... Did they think they could break me by DENYING me pain meds... or Nicotine...?

THEY TRIED, THEY FAILED. They are still trying to hack my accounts, i knowingly ditched my sim/chip. Yes, THEY are stealing pensions from Patients and Making their own pills onsite (crusty seam left on them from pill press), explains some of the crazy i saw in there after morning med time... Can't work on me...


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My Solo efforts took r/AlternativeHistory from 400 users to 15,000 users I then realized that a false narrative had already been solidified by what I dubbed the "official Alternative historians". Your Robert Shocks, your Graham Hancocks, your Randall Carlson etc. this was no good in my mind and was leading to vapid, paranormal and subjective conclusions. I was inspired by about half of what Sylvia Ivanowa had been saying mostly the half that challenged our notions about recent history. I then realized that she didn't get this information from a vacuum but for some reason or another she was unwilling to share her sources. Well I tracked down her sources and then some but it was all in russian my search first led me to iskatel.info. I learned how to speed read thus negating the language barrier and was able to absorb the gist of all these new ideas in translated form. I knew this was the proper direction that the community needed to go if we were gunna figure anything worth while out but by then r/alternativehistory had been rooted deeply in the official conspiracy. thats when I created r/culturallayer coined from phrase I had heard Sylvia use in a sarcastic way. the forum is Based on the ethos of the great satirist John Anthony West I knew we could simply pic apart the illogical conclusions and inconsistencies in the official narrative and thats where the meat would be we didn't have to make anything up the official narrative would be its own down fall and humor would be our weapon. then I got my account permanently suspended from reddit nbd i made a new one they eventually suspended that one to it happened one more time an I said f**k it we need a new place. I'm still active over there but synchronicity opened this place up and gave us a non reddit based forum to increase the Overton window something that i'm afraid reddit has no interest in.

The researchers who have inspired me the most I will list bellow.

sibved - Buildings, brought by soil. Reel 27

bskamalov - His series Why "the Middle Ages" appears exactly in 1914-1918

cat_779 - Her efforts to link the chronological and historical manipulations to the present are un paralleled

sandra-rimskaya.livejournal.com - e does much the same thing as cat focusing on the recent manipulation of historical evidence
- armycarus.do.am/

cucujudi.livejournal.com - Mostly comments in the above mentioned blogs which are thought provoking. But he does have some interesting posts.

assucareira.livejournal.com - One of my fav post of all time

Nik research - He's a grumpy old man in a young mans body and his ability to sus out bullshit in the official narrative is paralleled only by fellow grumpus Wise Up

WISE UP- I was ready to abandon all hope of understanding so called ancient history until I found Wise Up. the silence from the official alternative historians regarding his work is telling.

New earth - Not the best researcher but she has done so much to forward the cause.

Honorable mentions

The Forgotten Reality
kadykchanskiy.livejournal.com- Тартария
skunk-69.livejournal.com/ - Real pharaohs of Egypt or who from Alexandria made Alexandria. RV
Единство Звуком -aka wakeuphuman

Threads that need to be tugged on more

Salvador Dali and "Garden of Earthly Delights" of Bosch
200+ similarities between napoleon 1 and napoleon 3
I have lived a life time trying to make sense out of this world. I came across this website while searching for alternative history on Russia. Topics are clearly stated with verifiable links offering new ideas. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to express bits of observations before my time is up. Spanish/Basque person raised in the SW with cowboys and Indians and superstitions pass down thru family. First day of seventh grade my history teacher told me there is another history I cannot teach you. You will have to search it out your self. But I will tell you the next war will be for water. First day of college my history teacher said name the largest corporations in the world. Students said At&t, IBM, etc. He said no, the first is the United States of America and the second is Soviet Union. So that is where I am coming from and still searching.
Damn you had some woke teachers. Modern politics and current events can not be understood without knowing your second to last sentence. More so that they aren't even different corporations they are the same.
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The Husband liked the look of me and proceeded (when we met) to destroy nearly every version of reality I had. It was welcomed with little struggle. This was ten years ago and excellent, because I was trapped in unreal hell.
My family was hardcore Anglican and Education System, so a decent reality never stood a chance.
I was considered 'difficult,' but picked specific battles. Looking back they were as significant problems as they are today.
A life-altering decision was made based on family/mainstream truth at twenty (bad idea) which was the catalyst for dumping the fake permanently, and hunting reality down, no prisoners. TV went off, that was twenty years ago. I figure the reality, like this shared on this forum, is the good that came out of it.

Ten years ago I was coming from a research point of health/medicine and started reading 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration' by Weston A. Price. It was brilliant on so many levels that I started experimenting.
I upgraded health as I went, looking in to paleo, and then AIP paleo, followed closely by the 2007 Iodine Protocol and therapeutic supplements like Linus Paulings Vit.C Protocol, boron, msm (excellent sulphuric compound) and have literally fixed all my issues. All.
Outstanding results that I could see and feel.

Once the physiological was ironed out, I applied the same principles to every part of reality.
The problem now is lack of simpatico culture and the dodgy english language, so we'll be moving to the other side of the world in due course. In for a penny, in for a pound.

The Husband leads me to these pages. He started me on John Anthony West's Pyramid vid. when we met.
Apollyon's reddit page too. 2016 was the Year of Nik Research. I watched his first two vid.'s spellbound over winter in the collective minutes of kitchen downtime. Excellent fellow.

I'm fully busy nearly every minute of every day, as is the mind. Multiple books, ideas and children going at any one time. Love it.
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What brought you to this website, and what keeps you here

Phantom Time brought me here, the quality of the posters, the lack of drama and the subject matter keep me here.

How you ended up here (i.e. Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

I use to participate at ATS but have ended up lurking for a long time because it's turned to crap. Someone was talking about Phantom Time, which linked to CulturalLayer on reddit and someone linked a post here... just followed along and started reading (and couldn't stop)... I think I was pretty early sign-up.

What your major interests are as they relate to the spirit of this forum

Mud-flood and the overall general subject matter of "Stolen History"

What your favorite threads are, and why

Most of them, really like the old tech, new tech, antiquity and mudflood.

What your recommendations for new forum members are

Read read read

Anything else relevant you wish to share

Said it above, but the quality of the content here is top notch. I've always been conspiracy minded and I think this is the granddaddy of them all. All other "alternative" theories are moot until this can be figured out.


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What brought you to the site, and what kept you here?

Got here from either /r/alternativehistory or /r/culturallayer. Stayed because of the many high quality threads (KD originals especially but many more). Started off because I was investigating the moon landing(s), something I always had some sort of sneaking suspicion about but mostly lived in ignorant bliss about, eventually lead to reading about phantom time theory and getting onto cultural layer subreddit etc (that subreddit has some good posts as well but much more rubbish to sift through compared to this forum, where a good portion of content is high quality or at the minimum nice food for thought).

Interests in relation to the spirit of the site

Giant people/remains, moon landing/NASA/space travel in general (i'm still not very open about something like the earth being flat but I accept people who lean that way of course). Also really love the fake history discussions in terms of cartography (map makers of the past weren't imbeciles is one my fav talking points I've seen come up on this forum). Some of the most fun stuff to read is how bits and pieces left to us from the past hint at incredible technologies compared to what we are led to believe would have existed in that time period (robots that can perform perfect handwriting so long ago etc.)

Favourite Threads

Kulibin's egg-shaped clock presented to Catherine II in 1769

60,000 pieces, 240 years old. Jaquet-Droz's dolls still write, draw, and play music

Is NASA full of actors? (I link the apollo 11 interview in this thread which I find one of the most surreal pieces of 'evidence' to look at)

Honestly so many more I think almost every thread we have here is worth a skim at least. Lots of the Tartary stuff and map based threads show some GLARING inconsistencies in recorded history which should not be missed i'm just having trouble in my tired state atm collecting the best examples.

Reccomendations for newbies

Keep an open mind, even the silliest stuff about masonic or demonic imagery or aether energy or the sun being pretty close to earth (not criticizing any of these points, just some of the stuff that may appear 'craziest' to people new to this world is all). Just accept that most people here do a good amount of research even if there may be confirmation bias etc, they did arrive at their viewpoint for some good reason in their own mind, and honestly, with how little any rational person should trust what we are taught, I think the longer you spend in these type of communities the less silly some of those things will sound.

People will play devils advocate with you, accept it, doesn't mean they even disagree with you, it's a healthy mindset when it comes to debate and thinking out theories and ideas. Just if you are playing it, keep it civil ;)

I'd tell people to stay on topic more but i'm an offender myself haha, I guess a forum without the livechat side will lead to a little bit of it either way but i'll try I promise.

Anything else

I really wanna contribute a great original thread soon i'm just tied up with finishing university and job hunting and of mixed motivation levels lately, but there's many interesting topics to tackle.

edit: reddits latest movement to "revamp our quarantine feature" is bullshit. I could see it affecting some of the subreddits people here enjoy already and only worse can come down the line, that's why I'm glad an independent site like this exists without a bullshit content policy and horrible censorship ruining the place. I think a 9/11 based subreddit was quarantined (one that questioned the official narrative of course). Let's not forget reddit is the SEVENTH YES NUMBER 7TH MOST VISITED SITE IN THE USA and probably similar for rest of western world (realistically, the 6 above it don't cover the same function, so it's number 1 for some type of online community site bar facebook which is really personal and clunky compared to reddit anyway) so it's not surprise we are seeing more and more ballsy moves to censor coming from that site, really going down the fucking gutter man it's sad and i'm ranting here. Wait till we see subs like /r/conspiracy and many others get quarantined "for the good of the people" hahahahahahahah

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what brought you to this website, and what keeps you here
history is my fetish. i want all accounts of it. alternative/official source is of little consequence when you can see the bigger picture.

how you ended up here (i.e. Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

i frequent both official and alternative news sources often. so, remembering where the link to this site first came from is like finding a needle in a haystack. just don't remember.

what your major interests are as they relate to the spirit of this forum
just here to read up on lesser known accounts of history, two sides to every story.

what your favorite threads are, and why
i could spend all day going over the threads on this board, really good content. not just being lazy here, either. all the threads are interesting. i have no posts because i'm too busy reading and looking at pictures every time i get on here.

what your recommendations for new forum members are
don't come in here upon your invisible throne casting judgement down upon inquiring minds that just want the full story. judge not, that ye be not judged.

anything else relevant you wish to share
our current historical timeline is inadequate at explaining how we got here today, this does not necessarily equal deliberate deception. the culprit may very well just simply be good old human incompetence.


New member
I came across a reference to the cultural layer sub on reddit via r/conspiracy and slowly became more enamored of the subject which eventually brought me here.
I'm extremely impressed by the level of research and honest enthusiasm for the subject, as well as the constructive nature of discussion (a far cry from most things on reddit these days) and there were several topics I felt I had something worthwhile to contribute, so here I am, Blacklight.

I also regularly travel internationally (I've been a professional drifter since the beginning of the year setting up a business). Since New Years day I've been in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Hong Kong (3 times all up), New Zealand twice (where I'm from originally), Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, China and now currently in Netherlands and considering where I'll go next (will be in the U.S in November). I say this because I may be able to take a close up look at points of interests in the various countries I visit (would be a far more productive use of my time than getting drunk and/or gaming on my laptop) which may be of use to the 'movement' at some point.

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I have a bachelor's degree in Anthropology and a master's degree in Museum Studies. I focused on archaeology and human evolution. I believed what I was taught. I was a lifelong Democrat, I voted party line religiously.

When I got pregnant with my son 6 years ago things changed. I became a conspiracy theorist and a prepper. I went down the rabbit hole of the NWO theory and I've never gone back. The next step was learning that the Democrat/Republican dichotomy is BS and that all politicians are garbage people. I went through another transformation when I got pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago. I found spirituality, which I had avidly avoided all my life (Seth Speaks was a life changing book). I realized that I am one of the "Mandela Affected." Pregnancy changes your brain.

Somehow I started looking at the megaliths and the evidence of a vast technological civilization that existed before the so-called beginning of modern civilization. I found Graham Hancock, I found Brien Foerster, then I stumbled on the New Earth channel and really got my mind blown. She brought up ancient sites that I'd never heard about and introduced me to the concept of "phantom time." This is when it really got cemented in that history as we've been taught is complete bullshit.

I then found Wise Up, who blew my mind again with his evidence that what we think of as "stone cut" structures probably aren't stone cut at all, but instead petrified and turned to stone after the passage of time and massive Earth cataclysms.

I honestly don't remember where I first found out about the Mud Floods, seems inevitable at this point that I'd find it. I knew that ancient history had been obscured and faked but was honestly shocked to see there was evidence of a massive Earth cataclysm within the last 300 years.

Essentially, reality has been drastically altered for me in the past six years. I've found that nearly everything I was taught and believed in was garbage. Reality itself is fluid. Time can be bent. I wouldn't be surprised if all life on Earth was wiped out in 1812 and repopulated in 1850, or 5 days ago. I'm honestly not sure if I'm going a little crazy at this point.

That being said- I think I found this forum through Reddit, but I can't remember exactly.

No favorite threads because so many of them are so interesting, thank you KorbenDallas for so much great research!

I recommend that members of the forum don't fight each other. We're all on the same side here trying to figure out what happened and what/who might have caused it.


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I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and spent most of my time outdoors and alone. To this day I spend my time in my immagination working.

*The film adaptation of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher is a fairly good analogy of a memory warehouse. Or a Memory Palace a lá Matteo Ricci, which I learned about when I read Hannibal.*

I found my way to this site through Captain Apollyon's posts over on reddit CulturalLayer. The Starforts and Tataria are undeniable evidence of a vastly superior culture that has disappeared. Hollywood loves cataclysm movies, but, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, we're living it. There is some mass amnesia or cognitive dissonance that the average person has of our past.

I feel profoundly different than everyone around me. Learning about ancient technology and history is more important than holding down a job or girlfriend. This is my life, every second of every single day. I legitimately feel like there are bits of insight leading to a secret doorway. In some way it feels like a profound test of will, faith, and aptitude. The analogy I'd use is being marooned on a desert island with an instruction manual for a craft and all the necessary parts to construct it.

All of the pieces are here to re-construct our "True" history and civilization.

I don't hoard or hide any information I have, message me if you want to know sources. The joke here in Colorado is seeing mountain bikes worth more than the car they're attached to, that's the case with my library. Some information is so rare that it is found only in obscure old books.

I can read Hebrew, a little Greek, a little Latin, and am currently learning Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.