Poll: Your preferred cosmology?

Your preferred cosmology.

  • 1. Heliocentric. Mercator projection.

  • 2. Heliocentric. Peters projection.

  • 3. Expanding earth Theory.

  • 4. Flat Earth.

  • 5. Yggdrasil the world tree.

  • 6. Electric Universe (EU)

  • 7. Holographic Universe.

  • 8. Other.

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Well, if I haven't seemed crazy in any of my previous posts...
Ha! Little chance of that here. I, for one, am interested to know more -- especially how Sirius works into this system. In my system, or rather my understanding, Sirius is key.


Could u explain it on a short summary?
Sure I'll try, its not easy to explain in great detail by message.

In the beginning, all that exists is something called the "source" and it is almost impossible to define at all, other than its main identifiable quality seems to be that it is like an unpolarised singularity. Its often represented like a white light but its important to note that it is not simply light. So step one is imagine an endless field of this white source.singularity field as far back enough that is all that exists at all.

Then the Source begins creating infinite universes. First step is the creation of what we know as "Space" and it occurs by the Source forming a hollow sphere within itself, this hollow sphere would look like black empty space with no light in it at the first stage. Once the empty sphere is created a small piece of the Source breaks off from the edge of the Sphere and travels to its dead centre where universal creation begins. Once in the centre of the empty sphere the piece of the Source begins to emit 21 streams/strings of energy that are simply itself divided into matter and energy and those matter and energy streams recombine into what we call a "Universe" and the empty sphere that part is happening in is full of a potentially infinite amount of these universes of which we only inhabit one.

That pretty much brings us to the painting called "The Grand Alchemy". It depicts the universe I believe we are in. When a universe forms we see the exact same pattern of creation that created the universe in the first place. Which is the continual division of a singularity/source into matter and energy then the continual recombination of those divisions until you get everything we see and experience.

If you look at the process by which a human is formed, we are governed by the exact same principles as a universe, because a human is in fact a miniature fractal/holographic version of a universe. Just like our universe we grew from a singularity in our middle, our heart. Look at an embryo form and you will see what I am on about. A human forms a heart first and then the head and legs etc grow out of it. That pattern of growing out of the centre in two polarised directions is universal.

Being a miniature version of the universe we contain within us everything we see outside ourselves including other people. I think certain parts of the human anatomy are microcosmic version of things in our universes environment. For example if you look at the Sun in the painting you will see that it isn't just in space, its in the human characters right brain as well and then there is also the realm of "heaven" that is also symbiotically connected to the Sun that I call the "Upper Heaven". The same happens with the moon although its the left brain and also is connected to a place called the "Lower Heaven". The pineal gland is like the centre of our galaxy etc. The earth is like your body, and all its inhabitants are a bit like the various species of symbiotic bacteria and viruses etc we require to survive and function. The earth has its own inner realms as well that are a mirror of "heaven".

The Grand Alchemy painting actually has a large set of written definitions for it. It divides into twelve sets of symbols which will stay the same but I wasn't satisfied with my written description of what I made so have been planning on just starting that part from scratch. Some time next year I'll sit down and properly define in writing what I've created here. For now I hope this overly simple explanation helps clarify a little bit.

Ha! Little chance of that here. I, for one, am interested to know more -- especially how Sirius works into this system. In my system, or rather my understanding, Sirius is key.
I'm not sure Sirius is directly related but not sure is the key word. I actually legally changed my name and my surname is now Sirius. I didn't choose the name myself I had help from a trusted teacher and the reason was personal, I had a horrible past I wasn't coping with and it was suggested to me that I re-invent myself as much as possible and changing my name was part of the suggestion. I didn't think changing my name would have any effect at all but it actually did, was a really good move and I recommend it to anyone with a past like mine. Sorry that isn't very interesting and probably seems anticlimactic.

This animation isn't perfect but it explains what is going on much better than my written explanation above. This is a very complex process that I struggle to explain in words despite understanding how it works. Having learned this process from several different cultures with different languages is part of why I struggle to put it all in English as we flat out lack equivalent words for certain things and it creates a bigger problem than you would think it would.
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Cyrus Teed's theory of "Cellular Cosmogony, or the Earth a Concave Sphere." This is my favorite alternative earth theory, something I have been researching for over 20 years. Basically, he believed the earth is a giant geode and we all live within. Teed's story is one of the most amazing and bizarre stories I've ever heard. Here's a really bad documentary I made about it in college.

Sorry about the poor quality, it was my first try at making a film and I had a deadline pressure, so I wasn't able to complete it. I was able to get it shown on the big screen at a film festival though. The audience was quite shocked and thought it was a fake news story. No one believed this could have actually happened, especially here in educated America, even though they saw the commemorative plaque at the end of the film.

What amazed me is how much people are so taken by what they are taught in school, that they are literally stupefied when someone disagrees with a theory they don't even understand. I mean, how many people really understand what modern physics is telling us about our universe? How can lay people understand things like the big bang theory, when so many teachers and scientists can't even understand it themselves? They not only blindly follow, but are more than willing to kill someone who disagrees with their imposed beliefs, as happened to Teed.
Why does it even matter? No one can tell a difference anyway. The earth looks flat to everyone who has ever lived here. No one can actually see a curve either way. It's simply not possible with our limited vision.
Dogmas keep us in self guarded prisons. I think it's good to explore new beliefs, regardless of how strange they may seem. Hey, we don't learn unless we look inside! (Bad hollow earth pun)
I'll be making a new and much better video next year.

Here's a copy of his 1898 book, which is quite difficult to find. Later editions are a bit different as they have been edited.

The Cellular Cosmogony; Or, The Earth a Concave Sphere: Pt. I. The ...

His dedication to his beliefs as well as his ability to convince others was quite remarkable. Regardless of what most people believe, there are a few mavericks out there who don't really care what others think and just do what they feel is right. Regardless of their beliefs, I admire that. Teed believed he was on orders from God, and nothing would stop him until it became his demise. His followers remained loyal until the last one died in the early 1960's. Now that's loyalty! His former commune is now a state park in Florida, USA.
I think this is one of the greatest stories never told.
Why is it being hidden from us?
Who can it possibly hurt?
The last is actually a pretty easy question to answer.

Before you ask, I'll tell you. I don't believe in anything. Hollow, flat, concave, convex, I still walk on earth the same. In my head, belief is the enemy of a thinking mind. Belief is a brain mask. To me it's a red flag, time to stop and think about it. The moment I believe in something that is the point which my brain shuts off and says that is the truth, I need no more. Instead, I try to understand what I experience. This is a never ending path which leads to new and unfiltered ideas.
But, not always an easy task...


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"World tree".

Only, "world tree" is your "nervous system", "nervous system" presents the experience of "worlds" (including your nervous system within the world - your body).

Maybe it's a bit poetic, but that's how I've seen things for a while, anyway. Individual, subjective-is-objective-reality perspective. What is real is what we experience; what is real is ourselves as experience-ing. We need not necessarily share "the same world" with each other; but we are all intimately connected in the "web of life" (which is another image for the "world tree"). Each of us has the experience that is meaningful/useful to him/her; we appear unto one another in the forms in which we do in order to facilitate along that path. What's the point? Eternal self-edification. The capacity of consciousness to know itself, knowing itself in form, from perspectives, endlessly - because it can (which means, logically, that it must, given eternity).

As for this world itself, that I'm inhabiting... Tending towards a "realm" picture. Wondering what's beyond Antarctica, "south of south" - since all the bases are on the coasts, prohibiting people from reaching the "pole". Definitely don't think the earth is a "floating ball in space" - doesn't add up totally. Could consider "flat" model; could equally consider "concave" earth. But as far as I feel it, it's more like a slightly-curved disc-like structure that potentially extends indefinitely, though that remains to be seen (or not, as the case may be).

Electric Universe? Sure, this makes sense as far as I'm concerned. I'd consider electricity and all such phenomena expressions of internal states, i.e. the states that lead from the experience of "ignorance" to the experience of "knowledge", or "having come to the truth".

Hell, I did a philosophy degree. Most of my views on things are post-linguistic conceptual holocausts. I think, all in all, my worldview is "don't bother believing - just see how it is."


Personally, I need an option of "Other".

Update: voted for my option. I think the planet is most likely a sphere but many times bigger than we are being told.

Our space is limited to what we see on our maps, but there are other territories.

And hollow earth is still missing as an option.

With the Disney tagline of: "It's a small world after all" - I've often wondered if our planet is actually much smaller than we know... I didn't give Disney much thought in the past, but seeing how much they perpetuate lies, filth, and debauchery, I keep my eye on their shenanigans. 😁
Yes, I know there are inconsistencies with mainstream science, which is why I am an EU and Hollow Earth advocate. However, I don't think it's all that encompassing. There are reasons why we have the math and measurements today. It works, whether it could be improved or not.
When I think about the math aspect, it makes my head spin because the numbers used are so outlandishly BIG. I think a lot of sleeping people like this Michio Kaku guy, and I found this quote from him quite hilarious. See picture.

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I used to be a strong proponent of the Electric Universe/Velikovsky solar system paradigm with its cosmic catastrophes as main drivers of human experience. It's a very tidy, graphic, dramatic story. Since a year ago I've allowed myself to look deeper and not be beholden to anything I once believed. I've been running through the flat earth reality as well as lots of hidden, misconstrued history that is discussed on this forum. It's clear we are being lied to and we live under a general state of confusion. Everything for me is now suspect due to looking at all of this!

Now I'm more inclined to rely on my common senses. Strip everything back to what I can encounter first hand. I know that excludes a lot of knowledge gained by other people and passed down as information, but its really hearsay when you look at it closely.

So, I have dropped the need to come up with a complete picture of discrete entities working together - discrete planets, discrete suns, space vacuums, galaxies, all comprising the so-called physical universe.

My first hand experience is that I live in a realm, the earth realm. The whole idea of space that separates a rocky round planet floating in an orbit around a sun seems contrived. I feel like my consciousness and my physical body are my reality and all this other stuff this is supposedly 'out there' is not really out there. It's actually 'in here.' The stuff we imagine to be out there is just in our imagination. It's not really 'there.' We make it up in our collective and personal stories of what is outside of us. It's all made up for the moment. Later we'll come up with another interpretation.

I think it really is this loosely organized. This means we invent our reality. It doesn't mean that we are the sole creators of this reality, but that we are involved in lots of other peoples realities and together we steer the whole thing.

This gives me the wonderful feeling of not being tied to anything, while knowing the world is full of infinite possibility. We could turn the world around if we collectively wanted to.


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I'm a Flat Earther, but i'm not sure which one flat earth theory is right though, is it domed disc in aether filled universe with many other worlds nearby which you can travel to through some portals? Is it infinite continents and water Earth?
Or is it something like this pic below?
Ever expanding worlds and domes over them with our being the center world (or maybe not ever expanding and only 7 or so worlds covered by one giant dome).


I believe every theory/model discussed in this thread so far, depicts a layer/portion of our actual reality, but we need to look at them all together in a bigger/richer/amalgamated kind of picture. So I voted for that option as "other".


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As far as cosmology goes I think we're inside a black hole, what looks like the big bang is just the phase transition to singularity. Looked at from outside this was probably very recent but at our scale seems to be billions of years ago. Luckily the transition to singularity led to all the information gathered by all the constituent parts combining this was such a shock that it induced conciousness into the singularity and every part of the whole shares in that conciousness. So a holographic universe powered by superluminal conciousness creating an electrical storm in it's wake, as it wakes seems probable. I voted other.
For the Earth I think it's expanding, presently very slowly and from what are termed subduction zones, where i suspect some residual reactions are taking place re-ordering the structure of deep earth minerals into less dense forms which then either lift what's above them or slide out forming new sea bed, or both. Even in recent history calenders have been lengthened to include extra days suggesting that just as a ballerina stretches out her arms to slow down, the planets expansion has slowed it's spin. In the past i suspect that there have been three recent periods of rapid expansion coincident with extinction events.
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eye ball earth. so Antarctica is ganglia and north pole is pupil. the mind's eye.

for the the human eye, information is received by the aperture and sent for processing to the back of the brain. a picture is presented of matter in a field. when looking at the heavens are we observing nodes and synaptic centers in the mind of a hazel eyed giant?

eye, I, aye


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I don't want to be harsh, but.... :)

In truth, it seems to me that none of us have ANY idea what shape the earth is! And we are unlikely to get a better one while the data to enable us to make up our own (thinking?) minds is inaccessible to us. We can prefer whatever hypotheses we like - they are bound to remain hypothetical. I prefer turtles all the way down. What of it? There is no certainty, just better or worse possibilities.

For a start anything on a screen fails the test, as it could be false, eg space, 911, global warming. Many books, photos, are also suspect. Science is faked. The only thing the data and screens are good for, are for proving that we have been lied to. Can you live without a story?

Can anyone provide a logical step-by-step guide for what one would do to personally verify the shape of the earth? No. So, who/what do you trust? Nasa's photos? Their scientists? Your teachers at school? Have those sources ever lied or passed on lies? Yes. Do those lies bring an advantage to those in the know? Yes. So what has changed to make you think you are now getting good information? Nothing.

Ultimately, does the shape of the earth even matter in your life? Apparently it riles me enough to write this :) If it saves anyone some time, you're welcome!


Can you live without a story?
this. now explore and continue on the journey of your story from here :) and all the vignettes are in play or at least a curiosity. no real reason to get into protracted disagreements either because the great unknown is part of this turn on the wheel - for now. when each of us has the ability to know - not repeat a tale - what happened relative to your and my experience over aeons it will not be earth shattering but something that was always a possibility, whether or not it was something you or I were consciously aware of.


I particularly believe in Flat Earth and that it expands with every inversion of the Earth's magnetic field. The seabed zebra pattern discovered in the 1940s by the Americans proved that magnetic inversions occur and that this process seems to expand the size of the planet.
Polarity Inversions
Surveys of oceanic rocks began after World War II, with ships carrying magnetometers on board, collecting data along the shipping lines. A curious fact was then observed northeast of the Pacific Ocean.
A pattern of magnetic anomalies unlike any observed on the continent has been mapped. This pattern is formed by bands of linear anomalies, alternating polarities and symmetrically distributed in relation to the meso-oceanic chain, by their
features is known as the “zebra pattern”.
In the early 1960s, Fred Vine and Drummond Matthews suggested that this pattern of anomalies was a consequence of ocean floor expansion and geomagnetic field reversals. In their proposed model, the molten material of the mantle ascends the ocean chains through convection currents, cooling rapidly upon reaching the outside. The crystallized ferromagnetic minerals in this magma acquire magnetization induced by the geomagnetic field. Magnetization is permanently recorded in minerals when they reach a specific temperature, called the Curie temperature. The new rock formed and already magnetized forms a new strip of the ocean floor, slowly moving away from the dorsal to the
as new material ascends. If inversion occurs in the polarity of the field while the new rock solidifies, then it will have reverse polarity to the previous one, resulting in the symmetrical “zebra pattern”.