Hidden history in Films and Television


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'The Lost City of Z' is a movie about the true story of Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett, searching for a lost civilization in Amazonia shortly before the beginning of WW1.

His ideas were confirmed recently with big networks of ancient cities found underneath the Amazonian rainforest.

What's interesting about the story is that it shows how hostile Academia reacted towards the idea of a lost civilization. I think the movie also does a good job portraing how the first world war somehow changed the general perception of the world due to the horrors most people went through and how it affected the families of the soldiers. It seems that after WW1 the wonder about the world was gone, as if humanity had been cut off from their past and had accepted that life is basically meaningless.

Wars like the last world wars have a suppressing effect on collective memory and resilience due to the enourmous amounts of attention and energy being drawn away into killing each other, especially since it is mostly young men (and probably women) that suffer the most, which are the foundation for a healthy society. My grandparents never talked about their past, and my grandpa died early due to the consequences of being in Russian captivity. That resulted in me not even knowing anything about our family history. I'd say what happened during 1914-1945 made us essential forget how life was before.

Also relevant to What happened between 1915 and 1930?


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Joshua Gates (himself a giant) recently had an episode on his show where he went to one of the newly discovered lost cities in the Amazon. It was still being excavated but showed promise of re-writing history. I'm anxiously awaiting the published paper on their findings although it may be a while since the discovery is very recent and still under excavation.


Is this one similar to that movie Jupiter Rising?
Derp. Same movie. I keep forgetting, and calling it Jupiter Ascending because the bootleg copy I bought on a streetcorner was labeled such.

I suspect this to be a Mandela effect. In most ME's, the original makes more sense. She's ascending to a throne / inheriting a chunk of the galaxy.


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The Blade Runner films deal with the psychology and pathology of transhumanism, robotics, and whether or not an artificial human becomes human after a while since one Replicant gave birth.
The films smack of cloning and genetics, and portray a possible future we DONT want.


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Some artists can tap in more than others. Individually or collectively. And vice versa. Meaning create their own worlds, names and languages or tap into the shared collective.
And we were trained toward more mundane, run of the mill, business as usual thinking and interacting. Catch phrases, sayings, jingles and jangles. Rip it up from every angle.
Imagination is the key. Using it.
It's what that eye on the pyramid of the U.S. $1 is all about. We OWN you. And your ability to envision a future other than the one we have planned. Perverted and corrupted your thoughts and emotions so you can't think straight or feel accurately in the MOMENT. Got you caught up and mixed up in and about TIME. What happened or what's going to happen. Don't worry, WE'LL tell you!
Perhaps the legends and myths of the past weren't so fictional as we've been led to believe. Maybe Dick and Jane and Tom Sawyer and the mud grubbing dumbing down are just that. To get us to not believe in magic and miracles anymore (or we'll string ya up or stick ya to a tree!). Or the fact that WE are capable of oh, so much MORE.


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I am a great fan of the sci fi and said fiction of a Scottish writer called Ian M Banks who has a series that takes part in a future that is almost entirely controlled by a benevolent AI(The Culture) where almost all teknowlogy is harnessed for the betterment of mankind, many different settings on many different worlds, flat worlds, concave worlds and worlds that are completely VR.
One of my favourites is titled Feersum Endjinn, has a funny little character that reads phonetically so feersum endjinn is fearsome engine, really gives a good feel to the writing and managed to engage me more than others.
Mr Banks unfortunately succumbed to a particularly aggressive form of cancer and is no longer with us.

I think he done about 15 books(10 sci fi and 5 fiction).

Feersum Endjinn - Wikipedia

As for the telling of our history for me it comes back to the Avatar scenario, i say this because i believe that there where once such big trees on this tumbling peace of rock that their remains are now what we like to call mountains.

Just a couple of examples of why my thinking is this way!