Great/Grandparents and What We Learn From Them


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Just stumbled across this: I being cynical or is there something a these recordings? Or have they just been so outstandingly restored that they look hi-res even though they’re from 1929? Anyway, interesting insight into oldies from that time period


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Nice find. "Now the newspapers sometimes print the events a day BEFORE they happen" (6:00 mark). Being facetious or truthful?
Also, I had never heard of any U.S. war of 1859 so I looked it up. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be American.
"Word has finally reached both Washington and London about the escalating crisis. Officials on both sides of the Atlantic were shocked that a dispute over a pig had grown into a stand off involving as many as 3 warships, 84 guns and over 2,600 men."

Something else that struck me as odd was the gentleman saying his (war) company defeated the Dutch. Not aware that U.S. fought the Dutch in the mid 1800's, I looked into it (barely) and found that while most Dutch immigrants fought on the Union side, the Confederacy was funded through the Dutch who bought their bonds. Now, why would they do that? Seems you could end a war you disagreed with by simply refusing to fund it. And why would the CSA call the German immigrants "long-eared Dutch"?

History just gets weirder and weirder.
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