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    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - anything strange there?

    Found a fakeologist interview here. If anyone is interested. ep64-911 and Mozart with Robert Newman
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    How did they get the slab atop the two big stones?

    We need to look at illustrations of the real stonehenge which was somewhere else. I think there are 1600s drawings of it. Anyway, this question could apply to any of those megaliths really. Wiseup reckons stone circles could be petrfied remanents of a mill settlement or something like that.
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    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - anything strange there?

    Or maybe Mozart is yet another Front, like all the rest. 1573479520 You mean Turkish. All evidence I have seen points to the Tartarians being of the Turkic "race" with Turkey being their last culturally surviving outpost to this day. 1573479740 I like to think that film music composers are...
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    Knights Templar Tunnels Under Israeli City Unearthed After 700 Years

    I think so. I'm of the impression that they morphed into the protestants in England. Look at Catherine Middleton's lineage. We have a couple of Jewish names and a "Temple" which is associated with the Knights Templar. And "Middleton" is really "de Middleton" who was a Templar knight in the...
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    New ebook I wrote regarding the history (and space) deception, and what it all means

    My provider blocks that ip address for some reason
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    This star is older than the Universe

    I concur with this. I think he was just another front (jewish actor type) like those other characters you mentioned. I doubt zuckerberg controls anything (including himself, as I think he looks and acts like a robot).
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    c. 1750: Agostino Fasolato and The Fall of the Rebel Angels

    One obvious possibility is liquid plaster-like rock that we know they had hundreds of years ago to veneer the brick columns to look like marble. Maybe they made the design in a mold first and poured liquid rock into the mold to set? Carving the mold itself would still be very impressive I think.
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    St George's Hall, Liverpool.

    My guess is that its a relic from "Roman" times. Of course, I've no idea when that really was. Later middle ages? Renaissance? 1700s? The building existed in between one of the earth changing epochs that changed Britain I suppose. But only speculations of course.
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    Annihilated African cities, killed population, establishment lies, Timgad and the Richat Structure Atlantis

    I dont believe in the left wing colonizers evil sons of satan/ natives love and light narrative. After reading a couple of spanish diaries and accou nts i see that the situation was the exact opposite of black and white. If anything the spanish stopped far greater evils that were occuring. The...
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    What is the place of the Red Man Amerindian in the Tartarian Narrative?

    What does the red man say? That would be my first port of call.
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    Could Jesus have been a clone?

    From the same crucified Judas manuscript, I think I have found the name Jesus written as "iius". I'm not 100% sure however. I have Iudas and then iius. I have a strong hunch that it is supposed to be Jesus. Maybe a French speaker who can read old french can verify that for me...
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    A bit of masonry I spotted in 'Ancient Woodland'

    Looks like the back half of a fish or whale picture. Or mermaid
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    18th-19th centuries: Bazookas, Rockets, Comets and Destroyed Cities

    Sounds like a great incendiary device especially against ships. Im sure u could stick one in a cannon and set fire and break up the other ship pretty bad.
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    Oldest Christian letter outside of the Bible

    Atm im of the opinion that a nazarene king existed and judas was crucified, however thats s far as am willing to go right now until i see more pre bible evidence. The only reason i think the power structure would crucify someone is if he was really dangerous politically, aka a terrorist or...