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    Lost Tech of world fairs

    That wouldn't surprise me at all considering there seem to be massive tunnel systems already in place under the major cities of the world. The catacombs of Paris etc. London has it too I think. They could have "appropriated", reinforced and maybe enlarged in places a few of those tunnels.
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    Battlefield America

    Good point. Always good to look at possible connections.
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    Battlefield America

    Another thought occurred to me looking at this destruction. The only images ive seen of such total yet sometimes localised obliteration of brick buildings is from a gas explosion. Were these cities powered by gas lines like street lighting or something. Just a thought for someone to look into...
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    A probable mud flood process.

    So far in my understanding I don't think they were caused by man. Man and his influence overrates himself I think. The buckling, compressing and expanding of the earth is not man-made as far as I can see, unless you have some conspiratorial speculation as to ancient tech etc.
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    Request: South American Philippopolis-city. Any info?

    Probably king phillip of spain i guess. There was a famous one in the 1500s i think. Im on a tablet so cant research.
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    Is it American continent? Second part of 18 century.

    It wont. As bizarre as that sounds. Alaska hasnt changed one bit since 1957. That to me is the great mystery. We have extremely regular and frequent earth changes corollating with every single major earthquake. However that all stops after 1957 and slows down even earlier than that. We still...
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    Is it American continent? Second part of 18 century.

    Sadly, it seems it is much much more frequent than every few hundred years. We are talking about a series of shit show events from sometime in the 1300s to 1812. I've looked at Alaska, the Arctic and California in great detail until the early 18th century. I have even looked at Alaska from...
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    NASA is preparing a sequel to the moon landing (2024)

    I think he is just CGI like "Simone", aka computer graphics. It is possible he exists in real life as a regular NASA employee but they CGI'ed him for some videos to test if the public could notice the difference. So far its looking good for them, giving the new moon missions a green light...
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    NASA is preparing a sequel to the moon landing (2024)

    That's what I thought. I was waiting for an eventual NASA Strikes Back sequel to the moon landing movie series. I figured they haven't got there yet with computer technology to mimic realism 100%. Even the realism of the 9/11 movie had flaws. I reckon now they think they can fool everybody all...
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    World population: where are the missing trillions of people?

    Excellent point dreamtime about the baby boomers. Ive noticed the same thing. Demographics is power. After leaving germany in 2004, i went back in 2007 2011 abd 2015. Each time id notice the majority of the people being older. In 2007 they were around 40 years old or a little older. They are...
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    1550s Book Illustration Proves: VESUVIUS erupts, POMPEII destroyed, PLINY killed in 1482!!

    Category:Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch – Wikimedia Commons It says "counting 73 years before Christ's birth" rather than 73 BC. I'm thinking that doesn't mean over 2000 years ago. As "i" was made into a "1" as someone pointed out, so i573 became 1573. So Christ was born in in the year 1000 AD...
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    Petra: The melted city

    Look at the windows in the picture below: They are sealed. Nobody asks why they are sealed. Its obvious when you look at the surroundings. You can see the flat straight planes of rock either side of the building and going a little further back than the front of the building. This is what I...
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    New York, Development or Apocalypse?

    At first I thought building, but looking at that photo, the "wooden" shell looks to go behind the rock. The guys there have a drill in front of them. So the only conclusion to make is that they are digging it out. I think the wooden posts (like the one leaning against the wall) are theirs...
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    Movie: Is Genesis History? (2017)

    I think you mean the yellow race, not black. I've seen hairy stubble on a black man's chest. Also Red Indians don't grow beards no? Also, within races such as the white race, a few people don't have much if any body hair at all, and others could be the missing link (such as myself :) ). As a...
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    Mount Nemrut: Throne of the Gods

    1557003996 Im typing this on a tablet so cant edit and cut and paste properly. Look at the above image of the men shaking hands, is it just the way the stone is scratched or is the man on the left wearing spectacles?