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    What event turned Scythia into Tartary?

    Tartary was an extremely large area. It's entirely possible that there were diversified regions. Much like the USA. The people, speech/accent, and customs of Georgians, for example, is quite different from those of Californians. The steppe people/tribe share many similarities to the Arabs...
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    Obelisks of Axum: cargo cult or mockup city skyscrapers?

    Sorry. Comparing this pic to the others it occurs to me that it's probably just a shadow. My bad.
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    Obelisks of Axum: cargo cult or mockup city skyscrapers?

    Seems it would have been easier and cheaper to just build another obelisk rather than transport the old one. Also, in one of those pictures, the obelisk looks like the right third is cracked from top to bottom. Any explanation as to how a building can be cracked (deeply) and still be standing?
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    Boyars and the Clothes of Giants

    Slim shady in the middle does seem to have narrowed shoulders. And about the same size feet which doesn't make any sense at all.
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    Boyars and the Clothes of Giants

    If these were intended for giants I'd think the clothes would not fit these smaller people in the shoulders. We have some pretty nonsensical fashions in current times also. Perhaps the extra fabric was akin to a status symbol as in only rich people could afford to be wasteful of fabric...
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    What lies beneath Panarea Island? Could it be a pyramid?

    Those cut stone walls underwater have to be a housing for something. Or maybe an entrance to the pyramid? Google offered this tidbit: Panarea has been created followed by Dattilo, with its pyramid form, Bottaro, Panarelli, Formiche, Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, and Basiluzzo, with its shape of a...
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    19th Century: The Boynton Bicycle Railroad

    He named his bicycle train "rocket". What did the word rocket mean in the days before there were rockets?
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    Ancient Coats of Arms

    I have a question. In the first tapestry of Alexander meeting the queen of the Amazon's, what is that thing in the upper left hand corner? Maybe my old eyes deceive me but it looks to me to be a dinosaur fitted for riding.
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    What event turned Scythia into Tartary?

    Found one reference that I don't have access to. Noe Tartarorum in Confounding Powers Anarchy and International from the Assassins to AlQaeda. "A furore Tartarorum libera nos" by William J. Brenner