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    Foundlings and Orphan Trains: video by CONSPIRACY-R-US

    This Circassian article has some interesting pics! One image looks like it has a cruiseship or an ark going under (presumably the black sea?) and the other has several fasces lying on the ground, in the middle ground. Def think you are on to something!
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    1921-23 Saint Petersburg in ruins: Pavel Alexandrovich Shillingovsky

    Pretty horrifying stuff was happening in 1921. Content warning! Very disturbing. The Great Famine of 1921 Then we have this video, which is also supposedly in 1921, but the peeps seem pretty casual about food. Who knows what actually was going on at that time? In terms of OP images, these...
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    Glad you are protecting your precious self! You are supported!

    Glad you are protecting your precious self! You are supported!
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    Sending you warm thoughts!!!❤️

    Sending you warm thoughts!!!❤️
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    Antwerp: authorities rebury our true history?

    These are some big boys!
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    The Rock Wall of Rockwall, Texas

    In the history channel video, I thought it was interesting that the core samples were all taken from the center of what appeared to be one big stone. I’m no geologist, but to me it seems like if I were truly trying to ascertain whether artificial or natural, I would have gotten cores of the...
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    The Rock Wall of Rockwall, Texas

    Definitely artificial! I want to see the arches, and the inhabitants! Love how irate the article writer is. He’s one of us❤️
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    Hydrophilacium Subterranean Pools: South America and Africa

    What do you think of the writing inside the 1664 aquifer (or whatever it is). I’m wondering if it’s built into the algorithm to change a translation depending on what words surround a phrase or group of words? I’m especially interested in the meaning of Ame: rica. Here are some results...
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    Antwerp: authorities rebury our true history?

    Wow this is too much to stomach! Especially when you see the size of the walls next to the humans. It’s mindbogglingly destructive and evil to bury these and build roads over them. Shame on them.
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    Movie | The Vault (2021)

    Yes, and it sounds like it’s regularly used, probably to explain fortresses under buildings! Madrid city, not sure when, but this building sure looks damp and moldy. Source The street it’s located on is interesting too: Calle de Alcalá is among the longest streets in Madrid. It starts at the...
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    Movie | The Vault (2021)

    This is about a neighboring building that used to be nearby. From the Medinaceli Palace to the Palace Hotel. Before and after. Check out what it says: In Madrid a singular building was never built next to another singular building; it was built directly on top. Such foolishness has caused us...
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    Movie | The Vault (2021)

    This is the palace that stood where the bank is now. Palacio del Marqués de Alcañices “It is striking that just as the origin of the palace itself is paralleled with the Palacio de Lerma-Medinaceli, this too, like that, acquired its most elegant and refined appearance just a few years before...
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    1495: Mechanical breastpiece of Emperor Maximilian I for the Bundrennen contest.

    I don’t know how easy it would be to make something that immaculate, at least based on how they are saying things were made back then. How did a Medieval Blacksmith Make Weapons? Two central components of the mechanism of making weapons by a medieval blacksmith were heating and hammering. The...
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Your timeline made me think of the feng shui flow of energy for destruction. If water was first and fire second, then perhaps the next deluge would be metal? Goes along the idea of toxins in the environment and via vaccines. Does metal match a specific age, I wonder? Perhaps that could help us...