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    The Shadow Government: who are they?

    I knew you were being sarcastic.
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    History of Criticism of Official History

    Not sure where to post this- feel free to move it. I think that most of us here and on other truth seeking sites on the WEB found out about the existence of Tartaria AND the realization that there is similar architecture over most of the earth at the same time . The error is in concluding...
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    Tartaria: formerly known as Scythia

    I am not sure where to post this- feel free to move it. KD had posted a "Genealogie" of Ghenkis Khan that he had pulled from "Atlas Historique"- It is a fascinating book! Take a look at this - it is at the front of the book, letting the reader know that volumes 5 and 6 are about Asia, Africa...
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    The great Tartar wall in China

    I did look closer...what am I missing? the one "tree" that is different than the others? I am not convinced that the artist intended that to be a weed on the roof. Not trying to be argumentative- I sincerely want to know what you are seeing.
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    The Ghost Forrest of Neskowin, Oregon

    I have many maps saved in a folder- I do not know how I made this my desktop background (some time ago) but when you made your comment I thought "Oh, I have one right here!"
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    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

    AMen! That is the first thing my husband said! What about the insurance? They don't know anything about "regular people" in America. They are aware, of course, that many of the fabulously wealthy live in America. I think that is where that is coming from.
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    Request: Alzheimer - is it a tool to erase the memories of the older population?

    YES!! I try to tell people that but they don't believe it could be true or that if it is true it must not be dangerous to our health. Here is my story: I had already realized that eating bread and pasta made me fat so I rarely ate it (over the past 5 years). We went to Rome, Italy in the...
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    The Shadow Government: who are they?

    I wonder how many of the members here have spouses that aren't as driven to find out the truth about our existence. Speaking for myself, I can share some topics with my husband but for the most part he doesn't want to talk about it- he says, "There is nothing I can do about it so...." and then...
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    Is the Sahara part of the land that the Israelites attacked?

    I think you are onto something. I have thought there is something up with the official version because there are places named on old maps of Africa that support the idea. Also, Ethiopia. Have you ever noticed that the ocean to the west of Africa is referred to as the Ethiopian ocean on old...
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    Continent of North America does not exist... or could it be a part of Asia?

    I think redbird meant they didn't NEED to get here by boat because the land was connected at that time.
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    End of Tartaria

    I had watched the above video on YT and then did some digging to see what I could find about Alexander I (A) and Napoleon (NB) because I had already heard the theory that the destruction of Moscow in 1810 (or there about) was really about A and NB teaming up against Tartaria- which is why NB...
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    Continent of Australia does not exist... as we know it

    This reply is in reference to the map you posted from 1607, by Joseph Hall. Here is what I found: Terra Australis. With little or no evidence to confirm its existence, a vast southern continent (Terra Australis, “land of the south”) still figured prominently on European maps from the...
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    Request: Alzheimer - is it a tool to erase the memories of the older population?

    When thinking about our history being hidden and/or changed, there have been several ideas put forth as to how "they" could do it. All the deaths that occurred because of wars, the Influenza outbreak, etc... This morning I was thinking about all this and then it hit me- we have an epidemic...
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    Proof People Believed in Flat Earth in 1900 A.D.?

    That probably explains why it was so important to show the whole world the so called picture of earth from Apollo on it's supposed trip to the moon. At that point you have silenced everyone! Brillant! Who could have imagined the deception right before their eyes?