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    Something is very fishy with the tides

    ok that freshwater thing is a true WTF, wich i have no explanation to, maybe its because salty water is more dense?
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    The Sun is a Black Hole (Video)

    would the gravity not rip earth to shreds?
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    Torre Chiesa - Rosario, Argentina

    very interesting, how it was discovered!
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    Cone Earth

    i am still skeptical of any alternative earth shape models, though i have to say this is more plausible than flat earth
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    Where could the Biblical amounts of flood water come from?

    charles fort to rescue! you see sometimes stuff just materialize in earth's atmosphere for some reason, those are called misterious falls
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    Swastikas in Auckland city, New Zealand.

    hitler was part of the NWO group, they just hired him for a dirty mission
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    100 year old ship "Kommuna" is still in service

    i see no rivets in those pics...
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    UFO descends on a chapel: 15th century painting

    these things have been in your skies for millenia, and they aren't going back too soon
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    Single photo: 1899 statue of Leif Erikson

    yeah he looks too glamorous to be a menber of a barbarian civilization
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    The New World wasn't new at all! An Alternative Timeline.

    there were various civilizations with connections to the old world, but i think you should read the threads on this forum more, because your history is way different
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    Swastikas in Auckland city, New Zealand.

    hitler was a fake person meant to make the world go to war again, so to kill two birds with one stone they used a ancient symbol as their insigna
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    Cloning has only ever been a moral issue

    what if the entire human race is made to be lab rats to the cosmic trickster?
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    Corsets as high technology

    reminds me of the work of another quite gifted russian researcher: pro_vladimir he has made a very good point that fancy suits worn in events by soldiers weren't just fancy but incredible advanced devices riddled with cables and mini-atmos elec powerstations
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    What other sub-forums do we need?

    thats why i don't like the flat earther stuff here, i have not seen any evidence for a non-globe non-universe cosmology, unlike stolen history and the paranormal wich is FLOODING with evidence