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    Black Kings Erased Out of History

    It has been a while since I read the series, but I seem to remember he claimed the gene splicing was with the early homo sapiens because Enki recognized 'compassion' in it. However, there were mentions of MANY other gene splicings with animals. Myths of centaurs, minotaurs, griffons, satyrs...
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    Black Kings Erased Out of History

    WW1812 - great job of researching. This is a very interesting conundrum. Firstly, this doesn't surprise me about ancient black nobility at all. Egypt used to be called Khem, which means 'black', for cryin' out loud! That speaks volumes in and of itself. To me anyway. Secondly, it makes me...
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    Battlefield America

    Sleepless night so pardon if this is a question already talked about in a thread somewhere else. Is it strangely coincidental that the cities with great fires were also cities that had these expos? Has there been a comparison done?
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    These expos all seem to have the same MO also. Why did this 'expo period' decide to happen right on the tails of the Civil War, which we know bankrupted us and started the great debt slavery. These things were a ridiculous display of facade wealth, were temporary (economic silliness), and all...
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    Battlefield America

    I find it interesting, as others have mentioned, that the post fire photos all seem to show what looked like they were brick or stone buildings. yet, most all the after fire news clippings state the city created a decree that no more wood could be used to make houses. It doesn't seem like...
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    America Was Stolen by the Holy Roman Empire

    This is all great stuff and has been a rabbit hole I have parked in for many years. Its pure evil genius and it disgusts me. Birth certificate is a bond, and is traded on the stock exchange. It was a way to make up the debt accrued during the Civil War. Corporations, persons, are legal...
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    1876: Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia

    KD, yet another stunning thread! My mind is still unsure whether the creators of these expos actually threw up these buildings real fast with all the fake style, facades, or if these buildings were there beforehand. I suppose it possible now to create the facade style of buildings, but why...
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    Mud flood, dirt rain, and the story of the buried buildings

    Great find SB! This analysis by Static in the Attic was well done in my opinion. And after investigating some of this whole idea myself, I find it credible and now am thinking his position is spot on. Sure makes me think about that scientist I heard talk about the Grand Canyon possibly being...
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    Giant "Ancient" Romans, Human Engineering and the Real Slavery

    I read a while back that dolmens were places of sacred space. Places that were created to be fractal, life promoting, healing. Bio architecture in a basic, any one can make, form. I think this civilization, which included, if not was created by, the giants, had a much greater understanding of...
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    Giant "Ancient" Romans, Human Engineering and the Real Slavery

    What a fantastic thread KD!! I really appreciate your time and effort putting it together. I agree with your position here. It makes me think of the Annunaki. As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of Sitchins work regarding the Annunaki and it is my opinion that a great deal of the...
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    1885: The Great Fire of Galveston

    I find it so telling that all these beautiful buildings are the same style. You would think different 'architects' would produce different styles. But its the same in all the cities we have investigated here. This high Victorian Gothic style just screams to me of the older civilization..Again...
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    Inconvenient questions about the war; Just a few queries the world should answer before we do it all once more

    I am really thinking it was a massive clean up of the previous civilization. What was it about the previous civilization that the PTB are going through great, extensive, elaborate and generational methods to keep from us? It must be something very good for the many and not for the few. It has...
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    The secrets of Deadwood, South Dakota

    When looking at these pictures it made me think of that San Francisco panorama photo. What was the date of that 1873? If gold diggers make a town that looked like Deadwood, which looks like sloppy trash, junky looking wooden structures, there is absolutely NO way San Fran was created in 30...
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    Useful Links and Channels

    Thanks for that video WG -Max is an awesome human being. His oration is incredible. I have been listening to his weekly shows on the Crowhouse for almost ten years now. Some of his shows are orated so well I have listened to them multiple times. I can not say enough about him and his work.
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    Legitimization of chemtrail airplanes and tactics

    I appreciate your comment WG, but I still find his message to be with the right moral compass. I listen to his weekly program and he doesn't hold back. His claim about global warming is that geoengineering is the biggest causation, which is the same that Marvin Herdon states. That being said...