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    Is Tartaria a Fairy tale?

    For me that book is such a great find. On page 395 the book is describing the Scythian religion having parallels to that of the "ancient Roman" one. I've not read that information on religion anywhere else so I am thus thinking that this book might be saying something that has been hidden from...
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    Input Your Worldview

    I don't think this was truly offensive against anyone, but you did downplay some people, but perhaps with good intentions as means to provoke like you said. In defense of those people who rely more on modern type of sources for the information I must say that some have been brought up the worst...
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    Input Your Worldview

    I'll add here what I've been toying around as of late. This is mostly consisting of playful thoughts, questions and reaching for connections from provided entertainment that I will elaborate some thoughts as examples as the sources for this topic are rather limited. One possibility of this...
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    Did Cherokee Indians Build the Greco-Roman Architecture in the U.S.?

    If I recall it right, it was E.A Wallis Budge that had a theory that at least some of the North Eastern Indians were of a mixture of African and Ancient European origins. The academia did not put much in to that and it was laughed of, but that would actually very well work with my theory on the...
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    Are we living in the year AD 940?

    I've been toying with the thought a bit after reading that and I must say that you've got a compelling theory here. The only thing that I'm having a problem with is "ancient Rome" we've all come to know of and who they might've represented. But this is really well put together, it's very...
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    Fabricated years and Holy Roman Empire historical forgery

    Just toying with the idea that the western side of the kingdoms might've fallen earlier at one point. So there might be truth in the Moorish presence there and the stories of darker people having influence even high up to the Dutch area. Then the "old" powers eventually being able to push back...
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    Fabricated years and Holy Roman Empire historical forgery

    I concur that these possible Gothic kingdoms of last millenia would've eventually been formed of those people. I'm just trying to pursue the possibility that the Germanic language and culture came through the Steppes and it has played a major role in all that. And old order in Europe yes, but...
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    Fabricated years and Holy Roman Empire historical forgery

    Great post. I've been after a theory that Frederic Barbarossa arrived through the Steppes as did the Germanic people in general. What had lead me to this will make no sense for others at this moment, but that is what I'm trying to look in to. On maps 1. 2. & 3. They would make sense with the...
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    Welcomes, Testimonies, Geography and Favorites

    I concur with the bolded part and would recommend that KD keeps it that way. Elaborating that as the member account increases and should the quality of posts in general begin to get much worse or should seemingly poor fake grammar start to pop up to distract the threads, then just use the rights...
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    Collaboration and Documentation Ideas

    I did not vote, but I do support the idea. My word of caution is about coming up with any definitive narrative without certainty or that would not differ in any way from the official wiki with just being another angle. What I mean that there should be no gaps in what is written. As an example...
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    Hidden Hand gesture: what is its true meaning?

    I think you mean William Morgan and the anti-masonic movement afterwards evolving even up to a party. It's interesting history. For the hand sign I can only guess.
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    Soft Disclosure via Movies

    A general topic on movies could be a good idea. Perhaps KD could create one if he sees it fit. It does not generally revolve around the concept of hidden history, but speaking for myself I wouldn't find it too distracting here as my main focus is still on the history. If not we already have some...
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    Tamerlane a.k.a. Timur: what was his ethnicity?

    I got one vision regarding Tamerlane. Not sure if proper to share it here as it is not based on actual sources, just consciousness and intuition blooming in my mind. I've not read his biographies or history views in full at least to my memory, but know the character and what he has done in...
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    Wars of 1812: Russia vs. France, United States vs United Kingdom, and Co

    I was going through some maps from a map package I had downloaded some time ago and found out a couple of interesting ones. These are from the latter 18th century prior to this war. Here we have 2 different Russia shown. In the one above Russia Europe & Russia Asia and the one below...
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    The history of Charles XII King of Sweden

    I'm thinking of Tartary being more of like a confederation, where there was a Scythian ruler class at one time with people of that descent. There were a lot of different tribes coming in together to form a grand Tartary under a single banner. For people of Tartary and Turks to be able to claim...