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    Storm Area 51 Event

    They are already washing their hands haha. Tbh anything promoted by the mass media is suspicious to say the least.
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    The Next Reset

    Im interested, do you know what his name is? and where did you found him haha.
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    The Next Reset

    Just aporting my little grain of sand here, the last sunday, i think it was 16/06, there was a huge blackout in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and some cities of Brazil because some Hydro Plant "failed". There are a lot of people who suspects it was a cyberattack, but i cant confirm it.
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    Google 1649'ish

    I don't know, the description doesn't help either. Edit: Look into his channel, this guy is crazy, i wonder if his book is written in the same fashion of the description.
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    Google 1649'ish

    It really looks interesting, somebody knows if the book is in english? maybe i will buy it. 1554828756 The guy got stunned by the truth in that book (?.
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    The Adam and Eve Story - Chan Thomas

    I dont know if you are familiar, but this book fits well with the concave earth theory discussed in the wild heretic forum. "There is nothing new under the sun". It seems we are going through that direction. The apocalipsis book in the Bible holds true.
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    Georgia Guidestones: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

    That's what i think aswell, but as long as we live in a monetary debt based system we are gonna consume all the resources in the planet eventually.
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    The True Slavery of America!

    There was a longer video of vertigopolitix about this topic, but it got deleted. Dont worry, i also thought that only black people were slaves and just a few whites, but it seems it was the opposite, or at least 50/50.
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    Did Unicorns live a few hundred years ago?

    I dont know if someone already replied to you, but the flag you are talking about is the "Burgundy Cross".
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    Church 'not afraid of history': Pope Francis to open secret Pius XII archives

    I dont know why they are doing this, maybe they have a hidden agenda, but i dont trust the Vatican anymore. It lost the true faith.
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    Attack on Titan

    Finally someone posted this show here! i highly recommend this series to anyone researching the mud flood,ancient civilizations or any topic we discuss here, its very enlightening and entertaining. I would love to discuss more about this anime, but doing so would give you spoilers.The story...
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    The Calendar Conundrum

    Thats a beautiful quote, it reminded me of Civ 5 when you research Calendar :D
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    Crepuscular Rays a.k.a. Bulshitax Scientificus, or how far is the Sun?

    Double slit experiment proves the existence of Ether I don´t know if this totally debunks the double slit experiment, but he proposes another point of view. Also, he "Demystifies" some of the Quantum quakery going around.
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    1888 Ponce de Leon Hotel in Florida

    Yeah, nowadays we only get ugly "brutalist" architecture, of all the ones i have seen there are only 3 that are somewhat decent.