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    Pardon me, but I have a few humble questions about Tartaria

    Sort of off topic but have you ever looked into his art? He has some crazy pieces. I wish there was a recent interview with him. anatoly fomenko art - Google Search Here are some more. I wonder if he is into psychedelics? Artwork by Anatoly Fomenko
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    The Phoenicians Once Ruled the World. They still do today!

    Not sure if this has been posted before but it's interesting Phoenician Celts and Venetian Phoenicians
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    US National Archives: World War 2

    Thought this article from yesterday was interesting. "Almost one-third of American adults believe that significantly less that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, according to a recent survey conducted ahead of Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). The survey, conducted by Schoen...
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    The New Chronology by Fomenko and Nosovskiy

    I've always wondered why lots of this stuff originates out of Russia. To my knowledge, the Russians were the first posting about the mud flood hypothesis. Do you think less historical material was censored in Russa than the west?
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    First "photo" of a black hole

    This is from 2017. Looks very similar to me...
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    The Adam and Eve Story - Chan Thomas

    Wow very interesting find! I wonder if that is really his daughter, why would she lie? I wonder if she can help clear up the confusion about the 1963 1965 and 1993 books and the page lengths. This is the original 1965 copy but it only has 55 pages and is the 3RD edtion. We need to find out if...
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    The Adam and Eve Story - Chan Thomas

    I did copy it from reddit. I probably should have put the source in the original post
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    Distant Planets Discovery

    The thing I could never get my head around about fake space is all of the countries cooperating together on this hoax. Why wouldn't Russia or China spill the beans? They all have the same bubble "anomalies" in their "spacewalk" videos
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    The Adam and Eve Story - Chan Thomas

    This book has been pretty popular lately. It was declassified by the CIA in 2013. But only 50 pages were released. Recently I came across what I think is the full uncensored book. "How did I get the book ?: Searching the internet, I found a topic here on this same subreddit, from two months...
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    Peculiar Decorations of the Medici

    I live right around the corner from San Lorenzo. The official story on the facade is that it was never completed.
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    Great/Grandparents and What We Learn From Them

    it would be very interesting to hear what oral traditions have been passed down by this tribe. Isolated Tribe Kills American With Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island
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    Great/Grandparents and What We Learn From Them

    look at kids today and what they believe with this controlled media. Maybe it is the same thing that happened in the past. Maybe like today only a fraction of the population can see our fabricated history. It's still happing right now in front of us.
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    The Phoenicians Once Ruled the World. They still do today!

    Could the two-headed eagle represent enlil? Or somehow represent the duality of enki and enlil? Listen to around 1:07 min in. Right after he even makes a connection to the Phoenicians Protected Content:
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    Moon Landing Video. Is this how it happened?

    What always got me about fake space is every country needs to be in on it. That being said the same fake space inconsistencies appear in all videos from all countries. I guess they all like their space programs budget. I think that could be the only thing holding it together.
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    Faux marble, Alexander the Great, Dhul-Qarnayn, Ivan the Terrible and our Lost History

    We could all pool some money together and buy this to do some testing. A Pair of Roman Marble Busts