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    Battlefield America

    In many of the photos showing the aftermath of a fire, there are groups of men in dark suits and top hats or bowlers walking around....surveying their handiwork? They don't have the demeanor of shocked, scared survivors looking through the rubble for lost valuables.
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    Polar Freezers and the Global Warming

    I am never sure how much of their explanations to believe. 😕 I mean, these days, everything they discover is because of global climate change. But the world is always changing. The old maps, going back to the 1500s and sometimes earlier, don't seem to show things like polar ice caps, deserts...
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    Was there a planned purpose to the Chernobyl radiation disaster?

    Well, if it didn't really happen, then what did? There are certainly reports of employees and firefighters being brought to the hospital extremely sick and vomiting, and some of them dying, in the first days of the accident. At first, nobody knew what was happening. Workers didn't know they had...
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    1876: Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia

    Why would they put the glass balls up so high that nobody can see them? And really, did anyone care about viewing soil samples from anywhere, much less Iowa? This brings to mind the many myths of giant blocks of stone walking or flying into place...because someone was levitating them, perhaps...
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    Was there a planned purpose to the Chernobyl radiation disaster?

    These are two of a bunch of videos done by this guy who travels around the Russia/Belarus "exclusion zone," where, amazingly, quite a lot of people still live. They are elderly people, surviving in their decaying homes in the remnants of once-vibrant villages and towns. The old man in these...
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    Yes, sorry, I should have been more specific. Millions show up for these events, but the cities are empty! And then we have things like this: 1900 Paris Expo: 48.13 million - (267,388 a day) While the population of Spain in 1900, according to Wackypedia, was only 18,594,000. (List of countries...
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    Never heard of this book. What is the context? Do you know anything about the author?
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    Where were all those people when the photos were being taken? Hiding in underground lairs??
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    Entire Roman Town discovered in Kent, UK

    The Roman Empire wasn't THAT long ago, really. Almost everything they made should still be at ground level, not buried under several meters of compacted soil. Meanwhile, dinosaur bones can be found by scraping away a bit of dirt...or just wait for them to erode out of the mountain side...
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    What's up with Victorian staircases?

    This video discusses the dangers of Victorian-era staircases, particularly the steep, narrow staircases that led to the servants' quarters, which were generally on the upper floors. The main staircase, the one visitors would see when they came into the house, would be wide and grandly designed...
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    Battlefield America

    Yeah, and we are never told HOW anyone found out, or what happened to the guilty party. Not likely that someone would step forward and admit, "Yeah, I left a lit candle in my bedroom and it burninated the city. Sorry." Btw, if you want to merge my Prescott topic with this one, that's fine.
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    Battlefield America

    Damn, that took a lot of work, and you've barely scratched the surface here. I'll bet anyone a dollar that, if all of the fires were cataloged in this manner, most of the red and purple dots would be towards the outside of the country, other colors on the inside. Same with any country in the world.
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    Battlefield America

    For some reason, I started thinking about the children's story, The Three Little Pigs. It first appeared in 1886 in a book called The Nursery Rhymes of England, by James Halliwell-Phillips. The wolf huffs and puffs and blows down the houses made of sticks and straw, but of course he can't...
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    Hubble Telescope and the Olbers' paradox: where is the space dust?

    What if space dust is real, and is responsible for all those mysterious dust falls we've read so such about? Like, it accumulates, or is consolidated somehow (artificially), and creates deserts and covers up cities? Just throwing that out there for consideration. I have no idea how it would...
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    Battlefield America

    Right after I posted about Prescott, Arizona, the thought occurred that you could put the name of literally any city in the world after the words "Great Fire of..." and come up with something. And even if Google hasn't recorded the event in its nearly omniscient data banks, it will probably be...