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    1874: USS Alarm - what was it?

    Given that historians are fond of adding 1000 years to every date, it could be 874 AD or BC....or any other number. Someone could have made up a number. I do have a question about iron ships: Don't they rust? How long do they last?
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    Folly Buildings: what are they?

    Spongebob Squarepants does live in a pineapple under the sea. Perhaps it's really one of these folly castles that got flooded! :D
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    Prehistoric cave art appears to be fake... all of it

    Thanks, Verity, I'll have a look at this. Love the Thunderbolts Project. I think they are much closer to the truth than the quackademics in mainstream science. Sounds about right. Plus, we get the "wisdom comes from the mind of a child" thing going on, which is appealing to a lot of people.
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    The city of Duluth: how ancient is it?

    So, they found this alleged dump site, and didn't bother to secure the area against people coming in to collect trophies? Nothing important here, just let people take whatever they want. They were apparently finding some nice items, too. Was this really a dump site, or the remnants of someone's...
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    19th century: Underground City in Turkmenistan and the fake Caspian Sea History

    It's either a perspective problem, or they just made the rulers/VIPs bigger to emphasize their importance. So sayeth quackademia, anyway.
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    The city of Duluth: how ancient is it?

    The whole idea of building something like this as a tribute to a freakin' SALESMAN is simply laughable! Who the hell does that?? How much furniture would this guy have to sell to warrant a ginormous tower on a hillside? Everything about these types of stories reads like a children's tale.
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    Outer Space - what is it?

    Okay, I am absolutely positive now that they just make this shit up to see who is dumb enough to believe it! Ploonets?? This is funnier than dark matter! Cape Canaveral sounds like "carnival." Ever get the feeling we're watching one?
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    Is this is a well, or a buried building?

    Again, a dog is rescued from a well that does not look like a well. There are lots of these in India, probably elsewhere, too. These buildings must underlie entire towns and cities. Imagine how much soil it would take to bury all of that!
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    Royal BC Museum: Stone Hammers, Mayan Balls and Metal Pipes

    You'd think those gigantic headdresses would be a hindrance in a ball game. I have to question what we are really seeing here.
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    Royal BC Museum: Stone Hammers, Mayan Balls and Metal Pipes

    Those "hammers" look like penis idols. It's a museum full of penis idols! Shouldn't there be a not-child-friendly warning somewhere? X>D
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    FBI investigation: secret underground tunnel discovered in Florida

    The tunnel has brick walls and an arched ceiling and starts in the middle of the woods somewhere...And it was made by bank robbers. Oy vey. :rolleyes:
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    Is this is a well, or a buried building?

    Okay, so I'm a sucker for feel-good animal rescue stories. Many of these involve dogs, donkeys, and other animals falling into open wells and having to be hauled out. Large, open wells, such as the one in this video, seem to be very common in India. Does this really look like a well, though? At...
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    Is NASA full of actors?

    We've seen, in previous videos, how the astronauts love to play with water, flinging it hither and yon all over the space station for the sake of an amusing news story. Couple that with the moisture they exhale with every breath, and I'm surprised there isn't a freakin' jungle growing on that...
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    Did humans disappear for thousands of years?

    In this video by Martin Liedtke, he discusses the tall, creepy, pale-skinned cannibals who occupied North America when the Europeans arrived. Cannibalism seems to have been very common at some point in our history. It probably happens after every reset, when there is little food to eat and the...