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    Meta history - Who provides the data?

    This makes me feel ill. I can't believe you haven't gotten any other feedback on this. The implications are extremely disturbing and it certainly doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. Honestly, nothing really does anymore. I'm certainly going to try to find out more about him, his...
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    Documentary: 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago

    At the 22:20 mark, he talks about how Chicago liked to claim that it was biggest and best at everything, including "deepest in dirt". At 32:40 over top of what appears to be the main arch is written "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". Interesting choice of phrase. I...
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    Weather: what happened in 1899?

    That's exactly what I mean. There is really crazy stuff listed on there, all with sources. Often times, the source is Nature, as in one of the most well respected science journals in the county. At least I think it's the same Nature.
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    Weather: what happened in 1899?

    This site has lists of weather, Earth and space phenomenon by decade, going back hundreds of years. I haven't read through this whole page (1891-99) yet but I've previously read many other pages, and there was some really crazy stuff going on that we absolutely never hear about. There may be...
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    1818: Tartarian, or Hunting Indian

    I've been looking into the Tartarian Native American connection ever since BStankman shared this awesome find. Beginning at the second paragraph of page 39, the author gives a brief overview of the history of Tartary, mentioning that they may be of the Lost Tribes of Israel, which I've also...
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    Tartarian Fortresses? Jongs aka Dzongs in Lhasa, Tibet: Gyantse, Phari, Chitishio, etc

    That does seem to be the case when you dig deep enough into any native (and I use the following term very lightly) "mythology". The blue eyed/white/bird/fish/dragonlizard people came with their handbags, pinecones and watches, taught the people many useful things, built many beautiful things and...
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    Kings of Florida, and vanished white Native American Kingdoms

    BStankman, that passage is unreal!! Excellent find! Am I understanding it correctly? Is it saying that 3 sons of the first king of Tartary(being crowned in 1200AD) set out to conquer various lands in 1241, including North America?! That would explain why all those kings looked the same. On...