Wagging the Moondoggie Parts 1-2 - BEST MOON LANDINGS HOAX

"But what if your own eyes and your innate (though suppressed) ability to think critically and independently tell you that what all the institutions of the State insist is true is actually a lie? What do you do then? Do you trust in your own cognitive abilities, or do you blindly follow authority and pretend as though everything can be explained away? If your worldview will not allow you to believe what you can see with your own eyes, then the problem, it would appear, is with your worldview. So do you change that worldview, or do you live in denial?" - Dave McGowan

Dave McGowan's hilarious Wagging the Moondoggie series was a game changer for me and I present it here for everyone's enjoyment. You will get an education despite how much you think you know about the hoax. I believed in the Apollo moon landings until I read and studied this series and I shared this article with other professionals and all of them agreed afterwards that the moon landings were indeed 100% fake. Dave McGowan was the catalyst of my path down the rabbit hole of fake NASA and fake space.

I am a flat earther and believe that all of so-called "space" has been faked; Dave McGowan, who passed away on November 22, 2015, was not. Without question, McGowan believed in so-called “space” and various aspects of the space program, but you can see in the Moondoggie series where Dave began to see the fakery beyond just the moon landings. His discussion of Operation Fishbowl in the later sections will be very interesting for flat earthers.

I initially thought about narrating the entire series myself but found that someone else already did so. Unfortunately, the narrator left out paragraphs and colorful words and descriptions that removed a lot of the fun and interesting aspects of the series. I don't understand why he did that and find it very disappointing. However, I've included the entire articles in the video so that you can read it for yourself. I've added other videos and pictures as well to just make it a bit more entertaining and to provide more research. I also recommend that you read all of McGowan's other materials on the CenterForAnInformedAmerica website, especially the Boston Bombing and Laurel Canyon series. His book on Laurel Canyon is terrific as well. You may also want to donate to Dave's family or buy one of Dave's books.

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