Secrets Revealed: Mercator: Hyperborea, Paradise, and The Throne of God

I will be doing a series of shows to bring forth information which I believe unites the topic of Hyperborea and Paradise with the North Pole, Throne of God, and portal doorway to not only the 2nd and 3rd heaven but also to the seat of the Elohim. In this and following shows I will be reading from Geradus Mercator’s description of the northern realms cited in his letters to John Dee detailing the travels of King Arthur and others as they braved frigid climates in discovery of the far reaches of exploration and imagination. In tying together the mythologies of people world-wide I will also share myriad little known about sources such as the book “Paradise found, the cradle of the human race at the North Pole” as well as and including many canonical and extra biblical texts.
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