Rob Skiba and Pastor Dean Odle on the significance of the Firmament enclosed flat Earth

This video includes footage from a seminar I did in Beaumont, TX on 7/22/17 as well as segments from a message Pastor Dean Odle gave in a video he posted on 7/18/17. Neither of us have talked with the other and yet, we were both preparing during the same time period to give a virtually identical message. After seeing his video, I thought I would integrate both of our talks in a way that compliments each message to show the extreme importance of YHWH's Firmament.

For me, the Scriptural descriptions of the Firmament and the stars absolutely seals the deal concerning the Biblical flat Earth cosmology and Pastor Dean takes it all to a whole other level when describing what happens to the Firmament and stars in the Last Days.
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Rob Skiba and Flat Domed Earth
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