Mud Flood part 1. Who is in charge now?

This part is an introduction to the expalnation of the mud flood theory that I presented. We have to understand what are the key playes and what game are they playing.

Player # 1 International Bankster’s Community
Rothchilds, Morgans, Federal reserve and Central banks
Financial Blue chips corporations
Mainly presented by the banks of UK & USA , Swiss and China banks, EU Central bank and etc.Top Activities – Global Monetary system, Electoronic chiping, Digital money, Loan and Dept

Player # 2 Religious and Zionist Mafia
Habbad, Catholic church + Jesuits, Mormon church and Witnesses of Jehovah, Orthodox Greek and Russian Church
Top activities – Cultural Slavery, Fake History, Artefacts destruction and hiding, religious propaganda, Science religion, Satan’s cult

Player # 3 Globalists Mafia
Digital corporations, Medical corporations, Liberal and democratic parties, China and communists
Top activities - Digital control, Elections, New world order propaganda, China and 3rd world states development, revolutions and strikes, professional unions, Global business development, Capitalism – city power, New silk way

Player # 4 Nationals
Russia (KGB), Saudi Arabia + Turkey,
Scotch masonry and French masonry, Illuminaties, North Korea
Top activities – Hacking, Wikileaks, War in Ukraine, War in Syria, Republican and conservative revolution
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