1872-1885: Chicago City Hall VI... Built and Demolished.

In August 1875, ground-breaking ceremonies were held and construction begun on the new city hall and county buildings designed by James J. Egan in a colonnaded French Renaissance style as a dual structure for joint occupancy by city and county. With the money to go ahead, the county began construction first. After numerous delays and a lengthy construction period, the county building was completed in 1882, with completion of the city hall in 1885. The costs for both the county courthouse and city hall came to more than $4 million.

Long_and_narrow_elevations_of_sixth_City_Hall,August_18,1908_-_Chicago_City_Hall,_121_North_La...jpg ch-hall.jpg

As soon as the building was finished, its limitations became evident. The interior with its high ceilings, small windows, oddly sized rooms, and long, drafty, dark corridors made for inconvenience and discomfort. Secondly, because the building had been under construction for so long, it was already overcrowded before it was finished, and some employees had to be moved into rented space.
  • The inadequacies of the recently opened buildings made it evident that consideration must be given to the need for a new city hall and a new county building.
Demolished in 1905 after a gas pipe burst and blew the roof off.


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