Who nuked San Francisco in 1906?

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Where are looters or scavengers?

I always found their near perfect clothing to be rather strange. Where are all the people in their undergarments?

The below two images are also bizarre in my opinion.
  • What earthquake could knock over the train?
  • What is that statue made of, to survive the fall?
A train thrown down by the earthquake at Point Reyes Station. The train was standing on a siding. Beyond are the buildings of the Point Reyes Hotel and, on the extreme right, the ruin of a stone store which was shaken down.

The toppled statue of Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, scientist and scholar, knocked from the facade of Stanford University's zoology building in April of 1906.
Was there really an earthquake here, or the image was staged?
In the 20th and 21st centuries, Agassiz's resistance to Darwinian evolution, belief in creationism, and the scientific racism implicit in his writings on human polygenism, have tarnished his reputation and led to controversies over his legacy...

But he went further, concluding that, in the recent past, Switzerland had been covered with one vast sheet of ice, originating in the higher Alps and extending over the valley of northwestern Switzerland to southern slopes of the Jura. The publication of this work gave fresh impetus to the study of glacial phenomena in all parts of the world...

From this time, Agassiz's, scientific studies dropped off, but he became one of the best-known scientists in the world. By 1857, Agassiz was so well-loved that his friend Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote "The fiftieth birthday of Agassiz" .

There’s more but probably Not a Mason.


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Nothing has changed in the present day with how seemingly illogical and impossible things are passed off as fact/ believable and are swallowed by the public without a second glance.

The media has not changed how it works at all. They are occasionally a little sloppy and now at least more of us have the presence of mind so say, hang on a minute?


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Calamities and catastrophes were the entertainment and social media of the past. The folks would go and take a 'look see' to be able to tell others. An example of this I found yesterday of the Woolfolk murder case. Nine members of a family were axed to death and thousands of people are reported as rushing to the scene.
I'm not to mechanically minded but looking again at the statues orientation and the lack of severe splintering of the surface from such an impact does look staged to me as well. The train could have happened, I think. We recently had high winds here in Texas where a tractor trailer rig was blown over on its side. I've ridden on an old train excursion and they could have probably fallen over if there was extensive shaking or even from a bomb blast.