Where are we in the galaxy?


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Okay, not really sure if this is the right forum for this or not. If it isn't, an admin can feel free to move it. Anyway, it does involve space travel, because we have all traveled through space. All of us. The entire planet. Bear with me, this takes some explaining.

I came from an Earth that was located way out on the edge of the galaxy, in Sagittarius Arm. I am not mistaken about this, as it's a very basic fact of life that every school child learned in elementary school. I loved astronomy and read books on it all the time. Our place in the galaxy was well known and just taken for granted, like your street address.

Even the Monty Python guys knew we were on "an outer spiral arm", and put it in their Galaxy Song.

Freakin' NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON remembers where Earth used to be. He's an astrophysicist (or maybe "popularizer of sciencey things" would be more accurate), so for him to make such a basic mistake would be like a surgeon not knowing where your appendix is located.

I read a book recently, called the Origin Map, by Thomas Brophy, and was amazed at the amount of residue in it for the old Earth location. Hell, it's right on the cover!

I took a photo of the inside page that explains the cover, as well as some of the images later in the book. All depict Earth on the edge of the galaxy.
Origin Map  cover explanation.jpg Origin Map galaxy rock 1.jpg Origin Map galaxy rock 2.jpg

I could list more evidence, and may do so later, but for now, just take a look at where scientists are saying we are located:

This article is from Never A Straight Answer sorry, NASA, and they place us in the Orion Spur, a skinny bit of spiral arm midway between the edge and the center. Milky Way and Our Location The Milky Way is now a barred spiral, which is news to me. It was always just a plain old spiral.

Here's an article from Earthsky: Which spiral arm of the Milky Way contains our sun? | EarthSky.org At any rate, Earth's location has changed drastically. And I know that people will say, "Well, yeah, but maybe scientists have a better understanding of things now. Earth hasn't moved, they were just mistaken the first time." I have tried to find evidence of this, but have been unsuccessful. It's as if Earth has always been part of the Orion Spur, and there was never a time when scientists thought differently.

A guru named Sri Yukteswar Giri (1855-1936) wrote a book called The Holy Science. In it, he describes the yugas, or ages of mankind, and how we go from paradise, high intelligence, and perfect spiritual awareness in the Satya Yuga, to a state of base materialism and brute survival instinct in the Kali Yuga. As we pass from this low condition of existence, we begin once more to become aware of "electrical energies," and we grow more spiritual, compassionate, and intelligent. And of course, this is exactly what is happening. We are now in the ascending Dwapara Yuga, and electricity is more important than ever, we are learning about our true history, technology is constantly changing and growing, and the search for spiritual enlightenment is taking many forms around the world.

Yukteswar also taught that these changes occur because Earth gets closer to something called "the grand center." Some have interpreted this to mean that the sun is part of a binary system in which the two stars get farther away from each other, and then closer together, over long periods of time. Others say that it refers to the galactic center, and I think this may be correct (although it doesn't exclude a binary system), simply based on what I've experienced going from the edge of the galaxy to somewhere closer to the middle. True to Sri Yukteswar's predictions, we've moved closer to the grand center. I don't know how or why, I have no explanation for why the constellations haven't also changed, I just know that it happened. Among the Mandela Effect community, the suggestion is often raised that maybe something terrible happened in our old dimension and we had to be moved here. I used to dismiss it as too damned crazy, but now...well, I do wonder sometimes.....


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I think I got it

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Seriously, all I can come up with is the alleged Great Procession which takes like 2400 years per cycle, 12 cycles to go through the whole thing. It's a long shot but maybe that might give you something to look at...
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