What do we really know about our history?

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It really does not matter whether Earth is billions years old or just 10,000; whether Moon landing took place or whether dinosaurs roamed this planet 200 years ago. Evening beer is not gonna taste any different. We will still have to go to work and keep on taking care of our families. Just as much we will enjoy new movies. Politics will still occupy the screens of our TV's. We will keep on supporting our favorite sports teams. Life will go on as usual.

Thinking for ourselves is one of the remaining luxuries we still have. We are gifted with an ability to contemplate and to think critically. We are able to analyze and draw parallels between facts. History is written by the victors. Rulers of this world have their own agendas. Doubt there will be one person out there thinking that Governments do not lie. The question is how much? Divide and Rule remains in effect. And just like that new versions of history will keep on getting created.

If current generations were born next to an egg shaped Earth Globe, they would not know any different. That would be their reality. As long as the official version stated that our planet was shaped like an egg, this would become normal. A few NASA pictures of an egg in space being orbited by a space station and some satellites, supported by school textbooks and voila - the Earth is egg shaped. We have no means of verifying the reality. And after all it makes no difference in our every day lives.

But sometimes, when something does not make sense, one starts to look for answers. Where those answers take that person really depends. There is no global reason to look for those answers. A person is insignificant on a grand scale map of this reality. Nothing will change.

This place is that outlet for wandering souls looking for answers. Not that those answers will be provided. Yet some alternative possibilities could be discussed.

For myself I can say, that I prefer to believe my own eyes. The other choice is to believe everything someone else said.

I am not a professional writer. I just want to document my observations, and to share the inconsistencies our history consists of.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.—Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar.
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NOTE 2: If you choose to participate, please remember, that all of the current members have been to Wikipedia, and are familiar with the official versions of the events.
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