The gateway to hell on my doorstep... no really!!!


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I came across this today, it is near me so I thought I would take a look at the article. The gateway to Hell


Creswell Crags is a local tourist spot (Limestone Gorge) with a bunch of caves in a 'prehistoric' gorge in the Midlands of the UK, where families take their kids for picnics etc.

Creswell is a former Coal mining village, which tells me mining will have gone on prior to the 19th/ 20th Century. You can tell from this photo that the area is very uneven, perhaps the land has changed somewhat over recent years, the gorge appears to be in the middle of countryside not surrounded by hills and other gorges. It looks to me like that gorge was dug out in the middle of a mound? quarrying? There is still a quarry behind the site today. Quarry


Love this on the Craggs website:

'This is your chance to see Britain's only Ice Age Rock Art, which was discovered by archaeologists in 2003. These engravings of animals and abstract designs are 13,000 years old, making Church Hole Cave the oldest art gallery in the country'.

The art is there for 13000 years, but we only noticed it n 2003. :unsure:

Creswell Craggs

Creswell is also home the the 'Model Village' which 'The Bolsover Colliery Company acquired ten acres of land in Creswell from the Dukes of Portland (the same guys who 'remodelled the village in the 1900s, see below) to house coal minors. Allegedly built in built in 1895. Notice full electric lighting and the 'Night Soil' Train...

Anything familiar about the design? Anything ritualistic here in the design of the village?



Model Village

The mining community also had its fair share of disaster:

Notice the big mounds of 'mud' reminiscence of many mining operations, one which ended in real tragedy Aberfan, Wales Mud slide

I digress, sorry.

The Craggs website and any other sources are a plethora of ifs, maybes, perhaps, and it is thoughts... The usual mainstream historical nonsense.

From the article: 'What the marks were keeping out, or in, can only be speculated on. “It could be fairies, witches, whatever you were fearful of, it was going to be down there.”

This made me belly laugh:

'Paul Baker, the director of Creswell Heritage Trust, said the marks had been in plain sight. They had known they were there. “But we told people it was Victorian graffiti,” he said. “We had no idea. Can you imagine how stupid we felt?”



It gets better:

The trust was alerted to the marks last year by Hayley Clark and Ed Waters. The two keen-eyed cavers thought there were perhaps two or three markings; it soon became clear there were dozens and then on further investigation up to a thousand. And counting. “They are everywhere,” said Baker. “How scared were they?”'

Form the article: Alison Fearn, a Leicester university expert on protective marks, recalled first shuffling on her backside in to the cave and realising what she was looking at. “I think I said a very naughty word.” :D

The article further goes on to say:

'The letters and symbols were Christian but should not be looked at in that context, she said. From the 16th century to the early 19th century, when people made witches marks, there may have been a lack of association with religion, such as today when people might cross fingers or say “oh god”. She said: “It just becomes a protective symbol. It was a mark you always made to protect yourself.”

IMO, these people have not got a clue and are peddling utter bullsh1t to anyone who will listen :)

How about this from the article:

'The cave markings fit in with local history since the post-medieval village of Creswell used to be much closer to the caves. The dukes of Portland had relocated the village 20 minutes walk away during a spot of 19th century landscaping for themselves' (Same guys mentioned above)

Walk away from what, the caves? Why do that? Perhaps reshaping after a mud flood? The gorge certainly looks dug out (Quarried) to me. Maybe there is some village still under there? It really bugs me that they moved the village away from the 'Caves'

I tried to locate some old maps to see if I could spot anything out of place or any big landscape changes, but I could find none of decent resolution, or any further back than 1884, no images of the town either. This however shows a half completed village in 1884-1897. There's no mention of the Craggs, but the Gorge is marked on the map.


One thing that did stick out to me in the original article was this;

''There is no public access to the cave but the trust is considering a multi-media presentation for visitors'.

Oh really? You have got to ask yourselves why is that? why are they now deciding to protect this? what may it really be/ say?

I live about 40 minutes away, I shall endeavour to get down there when the weather improves and see what I can discover from the expert local guides (The ones I mentioned before who had no idea) :)

In the meantime, do we have any Landscape/ cave/ marking experts at SH?


Gateway to hell


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I would recommend you to sneak there where you are not allowed to go through and see what you can find, even if it's closed, i would def. do that :)


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Maxine, this isn't a forum for activism, but seeking understanding. Neither storming the Vatican with an armed group of people or breaking into private property is really helpful


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Maxine, this isn't a forum for activism, but seeking understanding. Neither storming the Vatican with an armed group of people or breaking into private property is really helpful
Yeah i probably went a little too much with this here, i know this website isn't about this, but it's just my activistic nature, i feel that all truth, especially the one that would highly benefit to humanity should be known and revealed to all, even if it takes higher risks and major events for it to make happend! I mean no harm to nobody besides those who hides the truth from humanity!