Tartary OWL (The usual suspects)


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Canaanites, sodomites, kenites, jews, phoenician, kabbalah, whatever: THEY RULE THE WORLD NOW AS IN THE PAST, like it or not. Tartaria was ruled by them too, with their secret system - "black magic parallel goverment", as today by their Secret Societies - and in my opinion THEY LET TARTARIA TO BE DESTROYED. And it had to be that way because international power (they moved from Babylon to Europe, to America, and next?) agenda, their world (they masters, we slaves). Tartaria was very far from first international banking system zone, and tartarian people was too healthy (too free thinking) for their dark style. OK, ALL SPECULATIONS, but not the flag: GOTCHA!

Let's see the symbol on the tartaria flag. EVIL OWL (JEWS):

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The search function in this software deemed 'owl' to be 'too common' so excluded it from the search! Still there are other ways to search the site, thank god.
Anyhow this picture from the book linked to underneath via the flickr collection of the books images linked to underneath.
I see an owl what do you see?


The book of Ser Marco Polo : the Venetian concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the East 1903


Text immediately under the image
Sculptured Gerfalcon. (From the Gate of Iconium.) VOL I. Z 2 356 MARCO POLO Book II. invested with both the Mongol symbols of delegated sovereignty, the Golden LionsHead, and the golden Cats Head. It would certainly have been more satisfactoryto find Gerfalcons Head;; in lieu of the latter ; but it is probable that the sameobject is meant. The cut below exhibits the conventional effigy of a gerfalcon assculptured over one of the gates of Iconium, Polos Conia. The head might easilypass for a conventional representation of a cats head, and is indeed strikingly like thegrotesque representation that bears that name in mediaeval architecture. {Erdmann,Numi Asiatici) I. 339; Ilch. I. 370.)