Tartarian Symbols at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair (Columbian Exposition)


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In 1893 the city of Chicago held the World's Colombian Exposition to publicly celebrate Columbus 'discovering' America. The fair's promoters "...hoped to demonstrate the great industrial power of the United States and symbolize the passing of leadership from the Old World to the New." It was, perhaps, really a celebration of the destruction of the great Tartarian city of Chilaga (Chicago).

You are to believe that more than 200 new buildings over 600 acres were erected on a reclaimed swamp in two years from the start of planning to opening day. Furthermore, there are no blueprints and documentation is sparse, nearly everything was said to be built with plaster of Paris, it was completed during the Great Economic Panic of 1893, and nearly everything was destroyed after only six months of having been opened.

A number equal to half of the entire population of the US came to see the destruction of Chilaga, some 27 million people from all over the world.

Tartary's symbol of freedom and liberty, the so-called Statue of the Republic (smaller replica after the original one was destroyed here). In here left hand she holds a symbol of the common people, the 'phrygian cap'. In her right hand is a griffin atop a sphere.


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Some other photos can be found at The Destruction of American Tartary (Chilaga) at the Chicago Worlds Fair of 1893 – Q Metaphysics: Beyond Reality
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This seal of the nearby University of Chicago (which opened the same year as the exposition has begun planning) is interesting.
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