Supporting evidence for Fomenko's New Chronology


This thread is mainly for those who are familiar with Anatoly Fomenko's work. I want to compile the best supporting evidence we can find that would validate Fomenko's reconstruction or at least blatantly contradict the mainstream timeline. Let's try to stay on topic and also not repeat things already cited in Fomenko's books too much. Also, let's stay away from the more subjective interpretative stuff like parallelism and the phonetics of names and focus on more objective evidence like paintings, books, maps etc...
Would be great to have all the best examples of "incorrect" or "out of place" artifacts in one place to better weigh the merit of what Fomenko says.

I'll start us off with something that has already been posted elsewhere on this site. It's a page from the "Augsburg Book of Miracles" that gives an "incorrect" date for Pliny the Elder's death. Pliny was supposed to have died in the 1st century but here it gives the date 1482!
pliny - Vesuv Ausbruch 1482 - Verschlingt Plinius - Augsburger_Wunderzeichenbuch_—_Folio_85.jpg

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Here's some evidence someone showed me regarding the alleged addition of 1000 years to the timeline. It shows dates with and without the "I" at the front, and on image 2 and image 5 both kinds occur on the same page! This would perhaps support the idea that the "I" or in some cases "J," or "i" at the beginning of old dates had no numerical value but rather signified years since Jesus like Fomenko asserts.

I was told the source is:
"Orthographia ou modo para escrever certo na lingua portuguesa, Lisboa, 1631" and "Origem da nobreza política, blasoes de armas, appelidos, cargos, & titulos nobres, Lisboa, 1631.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

I also found this picture of a coin of Louis the 14th. Again, we see the "1" or "I" dropped from the date as if it's not numerically important. I suppose there could have been a convention of simply not writing the 1 as a type of shorthand, but it could also mean the people who produced the coin did not believe they were an extra millennium from the time of Christ.

king louis 692.jpg
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