Subterranean Norway, preparation for impending doom?


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I came across this story yesterday on my twitter feed and thought, wow why do that? Why build the whole coastal road underground?

Norways $47 bn Coastal Highway.

Apart from keeping the beautiful countryside clean of roads, what are the reasons/ benefits?

I researched a little and discovered that Norway is tunnel town, with over 900 road tunnels

Norway tunnels

I realise the nature of the terrain of Norway perhaps lends itself to more tunnelling than most terrains but it is awash with tunnels!

Tunnels so huge that some have roundabouts!


Huge tunnels

Norway already has 33 subsea tunnels...


I then discovered that Norway is set to build an underground passage for Ships...


Norway has formally announced its plan to build the worlds first tunnel for ships, paving the way for a gigantic 1.7-kilometre (1 mile) passageway to be dug underneath a rocky peninsula in the country and north-west.

The Stad Ship Tunnel, which is expected to cost some US$312 million to complete, will enable cruise liners, freight ships, and smaller vessels to take an underground shortcut through the Stad peninsula – avoiding the rough winds and waters of the Stadhavet Sea, the most treacherous stretch of Norway and coastline.

When complete, the tunnel will stand some 49 metres (160.7 feet) tall, with a width of 36 metres (118.1 feet). Construction could begin as soon as 2019, and if the schedule doesn’t blow out, the tunnel might be open for ships by 2023.

A safe haven for ships? Why?

MASSIVE ship tunnel

Then I remembered this; Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Not a tunnel per se, but still... I wondere if it can be accessed by a tunnel...


I then discover this:

Underground data centres

So now I am thinking, what does Norway know that we don’t? My further thought here is perhaps that many of these tunnels already existed and are simply being re purposed?

I searched for some evidence of a wider tunnel connection in Europe and discovered this...

12000 year old tunnel between Scotland and Turkey.

'Stone Age man created a massive network of underground tunnels criss-crossing Europe from Scotland to Turkey, a new book on the ancient superhighways has claimed'

Daily fail link

Iam not sure as to the validity of the tunnel from Scotland to Turkey, but it would appear, and in other locations that Tunnels were a way of life, for whatever reason.

Note: why 12000 years? Again, attributing these findings to the work of cave men makes no sense. Is it done to confuse the narrative? Or is it simply just poor assumptions based on poor education?

I then discovered Neils Klims Underground Travels. Said to be a work of fiction, but I do have to wonder.... written in 1741, and we are all familiar with this idea of the world..

The novel starts with a foreword that assures that everything in the story is a real account of the title characters exploits in the Underworld. The story is set, according to the book, in the Norwegian harbor town of Bergen in 1664, after Klim returns from Copenhagen, where he has studied philosophy and theology at the University of Copenhagen and graduated magna cum laude. His curiosity drives him to investigate a strange cave in a mountainside above the town, which sends out regular gusts of warm air. He ends up falling down the hole, and after a while he finds himself floating in free space.

After a few days of orbiting the planet which revolves around the inner sun, he is attacked by a gryphon, and he falls down on the planet, which is named Nazar. There he wanders about for a short while until he is attacked, this time by an ox. He climbs up into a tree, and to his astonishment the tree can move and talk (this one screamed), and he is taken prisoner by tree-like creatures with up to six arms and faces just below the branches. He is accused of attempted rape on the town clerks wife, and is put on trial. The case is dismissed and he is set by the Lord of Potu (the utopian state in which he now is located) to learn the languages.


Some more quick searching it seems Norway is a world leader in underground tech.


TS Summary: So what began as me seeking out info as to Norway’s tunnel obsession, led me down a rabbit hole of sorts which I did not expect. It would appear that Norway believes underground is the future. Do all countries feel the same, are we all doing the same? More research is certainly needed.

I Would love to hear forum members thoughts on Norway, their tunnels, their wider use, origin etc.



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When vehicles are all electric that will make tunnels that much more economical since ventilation systems can be much smaller. Pretty soon the tunnel boring equipment might be AI, autonomous and nuclear power driven. Then the "real" tunneling will begin.

That is one way to make mankind cataclysm proof - burrow ever downward.


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If the story above is said to be true then that would tie Lord of the Rings into all of this. Caves in mountains? Trees that walk and talk? The Ents? It is a wonder how one person devised, composed and wrote the books of Lord of the Rings with their extreme detail and elaborate histories. The races, the politics, the magic and everything else in the books are very well thought out and it seems amazing that one person could devise all of that with such detail. Even going to such lengths as to create a language for the books as well. Something is not right with the story of how LotR came about thats for sure.

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One thing I’ve learned from stolen history is that the earth is full of tunnels!! From ancient times to now.
It’s the most bizarre thing and must be a big part of our story.
Just to mention other subterranean cities and tunnel systems, Cappadocia always springs to mind, And Native American tales of the Ant people from an underground world.

Either there were or are two separate worlds coexisting on Earth and occasionally they have helped the surface dwellers out in times of great cataclysmic events. Or we, on our own, started building and tunneling to escape something. Seem possible the Norwegians are just carrying on an old tradition. In times of trouble, seek refuge underground.
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It’s possible they’re going underground so after the surface re-glaciates (inevitable), they will still be able to get around (for a while). If this is the case. The weight of the glaciers will eventually crush the tunnels. Just a guess. Another reason could be to keep the picturesque scenery clutter free (doubt this is any govt institutions goal, unless bottomless pockets).
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